Owner Ultrahead Bullet Rig 4pk

The Owner Ultrahead Bullet Rigs offer you the ultra-sharp offset Owner Cutting Point Hook and a bullet weight in one package. Now, instead of choosing the right size bullet weight and the hook to go with it, you can tie on these Ultraheads and have both pieces right there ready for you to Texas-rig your worm. When you are flipping worms into bass-holding cover, there is no need to peg your weight to make sure the worm and hook will not separate from the weight and end up on two different sides of a stick and not sink to the bottom. The weight is attached permanently to the hook, so your offering will go through the thickest cover and save you precious minutes in a tournament. This great idea will not only save you time, it will give you confidence that your rig is perfectly lined up on every cast and ready to hook any fish that bites, which will put more fish in the boat with less effort.

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Owner Ultrahead Bullet Rig 1/16 1/0 Hook 4pk $4.99 10+
Owner Ultrahead Bullet Rig 1/8 1/0 Hook 4pk $4.99 10+
Owner Ultrahead Bullet Rig 3/16 1/0 Hook 4pk $4.99 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I wear the smallmouth, walleye, and the occasional largemouth out on the 1/8th and 3/16th versions.  I use the 3.3" and 2.8" Keitech Swing Impact FAT in shad or the bluegill flash patterns.  The 1/0 hook does however fit the 3.3" Keitech much better though.

From: Weston: Batesville, AR 12/12/14

Comments: Owner products are just tough to beat...  I have been using Owner hooks now for about 20 years and i cant think of a bad product ever.  If it says Owner on it,,,  Its a winner!!!

From: Mike: Simsbury, CT

Comments: These are my go to heads for fishing 4 and 5 inch grubs.  They fit a Zoom Fat Albert perfectly and are very weedless.  Also work well on shorter finesse worms.

From: Andy: Knoxville, TN

Comments: This is my go to rig for finesse fishing 4" t 6" worms in weeds and around wood.  All weight sizes are with a 1/0 hook so there is plenty bite.  As always, Owner hooks are sharp right out of the pack and plenty strong.  I've land bass to 6 pounds on this rig.  Highly recommended.

From: Rick: Orrville, OH

Comments: These are my favorite heads for tubes, especially around brush. make your tubes look like a wounded minnow plus the design allows you to fish a lighter head and gain a greater depth.

From: Bob: Utah, USA

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