Owner Ultrahead Finesse Ball Head

This is truly a finesse ball head jig. These Owner heads are the perfect companion for small worms and other soft plastic baits and the Extra Wide Gap hook design will help guarantee solid hookups in spite of the small hook size. The line from the hook eye to the shank is above the centerline of the round ball, which makes an unstable design and causes the jig head to tip and wobble ensuring lots of worm action when you crawl your bait over the bottom. The hook points feature the legendary Owner sharpness which gives you easy penetration even with light lines and rods. The combination of the round head and the 45' up eye makes these heads almost snag proof. The #4 hook will work with 3" grubs, 2" tubes, and 4" worms. The #1 hook will be suitable for 4" grubs, 3" tubes, and 5" worms.

5 Owner Ultra Head Finesse jigs per Pack

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Finesse Ball Head 1/16oz Hook Size 1 5pk $4.99 10+
Finesse Ball Head 1/16 Hook Size 2/0 4pk $4.99 5+
Finesse Ball Head 1/8 Hook Size 2/0 4pk $4.99 10+
Finesse Ball Head 3/16 Hook Size 2/0 4pk $4.99 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I fish tournaments in WV where the fishing pressure can sometimes make it tough to even get a bite on our small lakes. I've always got one of these tied on with a Yamamoto Kut tail worm. That combo flat out gets bites for me when I need it.

From: Hawg Snatcher: Hurricane, WV 5/19/16

Comments: These heads are sweet! I love using them with the Rage Grub for smallmouth. Can keep them weedless so I spend more time fishing and less time hung up.

From: Jon: Xenia 7/28/14

Comments: Best shaky head ever! Use with the strike king elaztech finesse worm and you're good to go!

From: Unknown: USA 2/28/14

Comments: You have to use these with the strike king eazlastic finesse worm and Texas rig it and super glue it to the jig head. This makes the BEST!!! Shaky head ever

From: Dustin: Auburn, CA

Comments: best jig head i've used. yum, gama, eco tungsten etc....

From: Mang

Comments: Great ball head for pond fishing with 4" worms and small grubs. 

From: Paul: Upper Chesapeake Bay, MD

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