Owner Ultrahead Inshore Head 4pk

The Owner Ultrahead Inshore Head is the ultimate jighead for rigging jerkbaits, swimbaits and a variety of other soft plastics. The dual-wire keeper makes it easy to rig, holds your bait firmly, and will not tear baits like single wire keepers. Available in the most popular sizes, the Owner Ultrahead Inshore Head comes complete with 3-D eyes and incredibly sharp, short shank, wide gap, black chrome finish Super Needle Point Hooks.

4 per pack

2 Colors

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    Model No. 5150W-0
    Size Stock Qty
    1/8oz 2
    3/16oz 5+
    1/4oz 5+
    3/8oz 3
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    Model No. 5150W-023
    Size Stock Qty
    1/8oz 5+
    3/16oz 5+
    1/4oz 5+
    3/8oz 5+

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Customer Reviews


Comments: Like all Owner terminal, these jig heads are high quality, well engineered, and effective. The hooks are sharp and strong 3/0 needle points. The paint is very even and durable, as are the eyes. They are great for Swimbaits larger than 5". What they are NOT, however, are frogs.

From: Tony: Yukon, OK 6/9/15

Comments: This frog is way to good not to be getting more notoriety.  The best part is, the price is incredible!!  I fish a lot of frogs (Koppers, Spro, Booyah, Snag Proof, the bird, etc.) and this thing doesn't seem to ever spend too much time sitting around with them in the box; it's a consistent frog that's durable and has walking action as well as an irresistible fast cadence you can give it.  The plastic these Scum frogs are made of are super soft and, I swear, I think the natural "splat" noise this plastic emits when it hits the water draws them in. Long story, short: I've caught a ton of giants on it and it's cheap.  win win.

From: Unknown: Canada

Comments: Awesome jigheads. Strong, sharp hook, great paint, and the keeper is perfect for Gulp and won't tear up softer plastics either.

From: daphne: rhode island

Comments: The perfect jig head for your umbrella rigs and swimbaits. Hooks are strong and the bait keepers work great. I finally found the perfect jig heads.

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

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