Owner Ultrahead Sled Head 3 pk

The Owner Ultrahead Sled Head is a great choice for fishing your favorite soft plastics. Designed with a special groove built onto the head for an easy skirt attachment, the Owner Ultrahead Sled Head’s unique conical shaped head makes it great for flipping and pitching. Molded around a razor sharp wide-bite Super Needle Point hook, the Owner Ultrahead Sled Head is carefully balanced to ride in an optimum hook-setting position. The unique screw lock bait keeper built around the shank also holds your plastics firmly in place. Ideal for a range of weedless applications, the Owner Ultrahead Sled Head is a well-designed and effective jig head that leaves the door open for effortless customization. 

Weight 1/8oz 1/4oz 3/8oz 1/2oz
Hook  4/0 4/0 4/0 4/0
Quantity 4 3 3 3

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Owner Ultrahead Sled Head 1/8 3pk $5.99 5+
Owner Ultrahead Sled Head 1/4 3pk $5.99 5+
Owner Ultrahead Sled Head 3/8 3pk $5.99 5+
Owner Ultrahead Sled Head 1/2 3pk $5.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The sled head is great for power worm fishing along weed lines and long distance throws. Keeps the worm from spinning in the water and delivers a cleaner presentation.

From: John: Helena, MT 3/8/16

Comments: These heads are great for larger baits like bigger worms and 6-8 inch grubs. I spray paint the heads black with Rust Oleum paint, a friend said he has better luck that way.  They work for me.

From: Joe: Bellingham, WA

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