Owner Ultrahead Stand-Up Heads 5pk

Experienced anglers have long known that the claws up, defensive posture of a crawdad is the natural looking attitude when big bass swim by. The standup head is one of the simplest ways of getting this realism in your plastic baits. The Ultrahead Standup Heads from Owner feature the legendary ultra-sharp Owner Hook with a precisely shaped lead head. Your plastic bait will standup whether you're dragging it through rocks, mud, or sticks. The Owner Ultrahead Standup Heads can be rigged with an open hook or a weedless hook, adding a new class of realism when you're fishing plastic craws.

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Owner Stand-Up Head 1/8oz 2/0 Hook $4.99 5+
Owner Stand-Up Head 1/4oz 3/0 Hook $4.99 5+
Owner Stand-Up Head 3/8oz 3/0 Hook $4.99 5+

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