Owner Wacky Hook - $2.99

The Owner Wacky Hook is perfect hook for drop-shotting soft plastics. The hook gap's sharp-angle bend serves as a saddle that encourages a worm rigged at the middle to seek an optimum position for an enticing horizontal presentation, which makes this an ideal hook for wacky worming. Features a Super Needle Point and camo green finish.

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Owner Wacky Hook

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Owner Wacky Hook 4 9pk-1 $2.99
Owner Wacky Hook 2 9pk-1 $2.99
Owner Wacky Hook 1 9pk-1 $2.99
Owner Wacky Hook 1/0 8pk-1 $2.99
Owner Wacky Hook 2/0 7pk-1 $2.99

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Comments: The wide gap bend on these hooks are superb.  They have an incredible hook up ratio.  Now that I look at it, it reminds me of the bend on extra wide gap treble hooks.  Once they penetrate they hold extremely well.  I only lost 2 fish out of 20 the first time I used these but that's only because the hook got buried in the plastic.  They also have a stout wire and I have yet to bend one. I thought the green camo was sort of a gimmick at first but the color grew on me.  No one should be throwing a dropshot, wacky, or neko rig without these hooks.  They are a must have!

From: MaxZmus: San Diego, CA

Comments: my favorite drop shot hook! its really sharp and strong! the  paint doesnt come off. and the wide gap gets the bass hooked so much better than a regular drop shot hook would!

From: Buzz: Southern Cali

Comments: Great hook for wacky rigging Yum Dingers or Senkos. I started with the 1/0, but switched to 2/0 and had much better hook-ups. I like that Owner makes these hooks in a green camo color to blend in with the worms I use. You may, from time to time, have to sharpen the hook....other than that these are a good buy.

From: Joseph: Liverpool, NY

Comments:Great hooks for drop shotting and wacky rigging. EXTREMELY SHARP!

From:Jacob: O'Fallon, MO

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