PH Custom Lures Crazy Ace Topwater Propbait

Engineered and developed by professional luremaker, Phil Hunt, the PH Custom Lures Crazy Ace is the bait that put PH Custom Lures on the map. Built with a unique, concave mouth and a bright prop blade at the rear, the PH Custom Lures Crazy Ace delivers a distinct mixture of popping and churning that really tears up the top water.

For an added durability and an enhanced action, the PH Custom Lures Crazy Ace features an aluminum tubing that runs from the nose to the tail and allows it to spin independently of the line-tie. Available in a number of tournament-winning colors, the PH Custom Lures Crazy Ace delivers competition-grade quality that you can count on when the money is on the line. 

 PH Custom Lures Length Weight Class
 Crazy Ace Big 2-3/4" 1/2oz Topwater 
 Crazy Ace Little 2-1/4" 3/8oz Topwater 

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4 Colors

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    Model No. PHCAB-01
    Baby Bream
    Size Stock Qty
    Big 4
    Little 5+
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    Model No. PHCAB-02
    Golden Bream
    Size Stock Qty
    Big 2
    Little 3
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    Model No. PHCA
    Hot Tennessee Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Big 5
    Little 5
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    Model No. PHCAB-05
    Size Stock Qty
    Big 5
    Little 5

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have used the Crazy Ace in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Florida, It makes more noise than any other prop bait I have ever used !

From: Dan: Morgantown, IN 1/18/17

Comments: The Crazy Ace is by far one of the most versatile topwater baits I have ever used. This bait is several wrapped up in one. It is a popper that you can also "walk the dog" with. It provokes violent strikes while being worked on top and will then be sucked underwater while sitting still. Give it chance, you will become a believer as well. 

From: Steve: New Albany, IN 1/17/17

Comments: This is a very unique topwater. I've used it to catch some great fish that wouldn't bite traditional topwaters. It spits, walks & churns. It will even dive and dart just under the surface with the right cadence. Give it a try around bream beds and hold on!

From: Justin: SC 7/18/16

Comments: This is by far the most versatile top water lure I've ever used. It spits, walks and has the prop. It will even spin around if you work it right.

From: Justin: Indianapolis, IN 3/22/15

Comments: I used the crazy ace this morning on lake Okeechobee and caught the biggest bass of my life followed by many other big ones. Very easy to work. We caught 30 fish from 7:30am to 12pm. Bass were still hitting it in full sun late in the morning. I can't wait to try it up north in New York and New Hampshire. I was catching them even when I was not paying attention with slack line. Great bait!

From: Peter: Wantagh, NY  2/25/15

Comments: Awesome lure, walks, spits, chugs, depending on how you work it. One of the most versatile top waters on the market imho. Helped my son win the Ky state championship, after first trying several other top waters, this was the only one they would bite.

From: Ryoung: KY 10/7/14

Comments: One of the best top waters I have ever used. It spits, walks the dog, and has the prop action as well. The paint jobs are amazing as well. You won't be disappointed.

From: Larry: Vernon, IN

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