PH Custom Lures Lil Hunter Squarebill - $22.99

The PH Custom Lures Lil' Hunter Squarebill delivers the same unbeatable balsa wood action as its big brother, the PH Custom Lures Hunter P, but in a scaled down package that light feeding fish are sure to love. Hand-tuned to perfection, the PH Custom Lures Lil' Hunter Squarebill offers a hard-hunting action that excels over shallow flats or just above grass. Available in a number of custom airbrushed colors, the PH Custom Lures Lil' Hunter Squarebill provides tournament-proven performance that you can rely when the bite gets tough.

PH Custom Lures  Length Weight Depth
Lil' Hunter Squarebill 2" 3/8oz 2-3ft 

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PH Custom Lures Lil Hunter Squarebill

12 Available Colors Sign up for PH Custom Lures Crankbaits news and updates.

  • Bluegill
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  • Chartreuse Black
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  • Copper Bream
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  • Copper Red
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  • Golden Bream
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  • Kentucky Blue
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  • Money
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  • Rebel Craw
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  • Red Craw
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  • Sexy Shad
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  • Vivid Gill
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  • Sumpin Special
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Comments: If you are looking for the best crankbait on the market then you better pick this one up hands down amazing! You can't hang this bait up in comes through cover so easily and hunts so well. This one is a must have!

From: Brannon: Greenwood, IN 12/7/14

Comments: Hands down the best little crank bait on the market! Comes through wood easily and fish love it.

From: James: Waco, TX 11/28/14

Comments: As mentioned above this bait is like 4wd. It comes thru cover like no other bait I have tried and does it with a finesse action that triggers pressured fish. Love this bait, top quality hand made balsa is what you are paying for and it shows in performance

From: R Young: KY 10/7/14

Comments: This little crankbait is a "must have" in any river fishermans lure box. I swear this crank has 4wd! Don't be afraid to toss this around and over shallow wood. This is the best little crank i've thrown in a long time.

From: Jimmy: La Crosse, WI 9/9/14

Comments: I have used these for a couple of years now. You can fish them behind other guys and clean up after them. Very buoyant around stumps and rocks. Great paint jobs that are very durable. Phil stands behind his work, buy with confidence here.

From: Eric: Laurel, IN 9/8/14

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