PH Custom Lures Skinny P - $22.99

Designed with a thin, flat-sided profile, the PH Custom Lures Skinny P provides a deadly balsa wood action that excels at getting lethargic, cold-water bass to start feeding. Hand-tuned to run true right out of the package, the PH Custom Lures Skinny P delivers a tight wobbling action that digs all the way down to the 6-foot range.

Narrower than most crankbaits, the PH Custom Lures Skinny P has an aerodynamic shape that allows for long distance casts - even in windy conditions. Offered in a number of custom airbrushed finishes, the PH Custom Lures Skinny P is perfect for any angler who's looking to have an edge over fish and the competition.

PH Custom Lures  Length Weight Class
Skinny P 2-1/2" 3/8oz 6ft 

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

Comments: This bait will "flat" out catch'um - great cold water bait with a tight wobble and great castability!

From: Brian: Buforad, GA 12/7/14

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Chartreuse Blue
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PH Custom Lures Skinny P

5 Available Colors

  • Chartreuse Blue
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  • Gray Shad
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  • Nasty
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  • Sexy Shad
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  • Sumpin Special
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