PH Custom Lures Skinny P Crankbait

Designed with a thin, flat-sided profile, the PH Custom Lures Skinny P provides a deadly balsa wood action that excels at getting lethargic, cold-water bass to start feeding. Hand-tuned to run true right out of the package, the PH Custom Lures Skinny P delivers a tight wobbling action that digs all the way down to the 6-foot range.

Narrower than most crankbaits, the PH Custom Lures Skinny P has an aerodynamic shape that allows for long distance casts - even in windy conditions. Offered in a number of custom airbrushed finishes, the PH Custom Lures Skinny P is perfect for any angler who's looking to have an edge over fish and the competition.

PH Custom Lures  Length Weight Depth
Skinny P 2-1/2" 3/8oz 6ft 

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7 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I just got 2 skinny P's recently. i couldn't wait to try them here on Santee Cooper where shallow and medium runners are a must. They catch fish guys!! trust me, and they are baitcaster friendly. 

From: Freddie: Manning, SC 2/6/1

Comments: I have the skinny p and it's a cold water bass smasher I would recommend this lure to any angler #MFordFishing 

From: Mike: Indpls, In 2/6/17

Comments: I was throwing a different crank while my fishing partner was throwing the Skinny P and he caught 4 to my 0. If that doesn't make you a believer I don't know what will. Excellent flat sided crank in great color choices, get you some.

From: Shawn: Texas 2/7/17

Comments: Hands down my go to cold water crankbait. These baits have the most durable paint jobs on any balsa bait. If you like cranking cold water get these. You wont be disappointed 

From: Chad: Indianapolis,  Indiana 1/17/17

Comments: Spend a little money and buy the best.  Hands down the best baits on the market.  Doesn't matter which style.  Love the Skinny P for cold water it has that tight wobble that those fish want that time of the year.  Don't take my word for it, buy you a few and try them out.  See I told you so.  

From: Phil Ralston: USA 1/13/17

Comments: The best flat sided crank bait I have ever thrown. If your not throwing the Nasty color your missing out in the spring time.

From:  MM: IND 1/6/17

Comments: When the fishing is tough I always go to this bait.  These baits are hand tuned and simply catch fish

From: Adam: Texas  1/5/17

Comments: Hands down, no question, the best cold water crankbait made.  It just works.  Buy it now.

From: Justin: South Carolina 1/2/17

Comments: I am a balsa bait fanatic. With that said these are some of the best baits I have used. My confidence bait for sure. Quality balsa, superior, durable paint jobs that just plain catch fish!

From: Hunter: KY 5/21/15

Comments: Best balsa baits on the market hands down. Paint jobs are phenomenal. Most importantly fish eat these things.

From: Kyle: USA 12/30/14

Comments: These baits are awesome cold water killers. They have a durable paint/clear coat. I've got some of his other baits that I've caught a lot of fish on and the finish is still like new. Well worth the money.

From: Justin: Indianapolis, IN 1/1/15

Comments: These baits look 10 times better in these pictures than they do when you get them. For the money there are countless options that will be better than these imo. Not impressed one bit.

From: Brandon: OH 12/21/14

Comments: This bait will "flat" out catch'um - great cold water bait with a tight wobble and great castability!

From: Brian: Buforad, GA 12/7/14

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