PH Custom Lures Squeaky P - $22.99

As the name implies, the PH Custom Lures Squeaky P delivers a low frequency, squeaking sound combined with a strong surface disturbance that bass can't resist. The prop blades also give the PH Custom Lures Squeaky P a super-bright, churning attraction that grabs bass' attention from a distance.

Built with aluminum tubing running through the body, the blades of the PH Custom Lures Squeaky P spins independently of the line-tie. This free-moving action also helps eliminate damage to the rear of the bait during fish catches. Available in a number of professionally airbrushed colors, the PH Custom Lures Squeaky P is a must-have for topwater technicians. 

PH Custom Lures  Length Weight Class
Squeaky P 275 2-3/4" 1/2oz  Topwater
Squeaky P 225  2" 3/8oz Topwater

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Baby Bream
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PH Custom Lures Squeaky P

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  • Baby Bream
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3/8 $22.99
    1/2 $22.99
  • Golden Bream
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3/8 $22.99
    1/2 $22.99
  • Magic
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3/8 $22.99
    1/2 $22.99

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Comments: An absolutely deadly topwater. Had a tournament yesterday and caught three limits in the first hour on this thing. I like to fish in on pad edges, around laydowns, or under overhangs. I know they are pricey but the money it has won me makes it well worth it.

From: Mike: MI 6/23/14

Comments: Great bait! Props spin so free they move as soon as you reel up your slack. Very easy to get in a rhythm and walk. I've been throwing the smaller size for two years without any flaws or failures. I would recommend to anyone.

From: Michael: IN 5/29/14

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