Pepper Custom Baits Commando Buzzbait

Save yourself time, money, and hassle with the Pepper Custom Baits Commando Buzzbait. The Pepper Custom Commando Buzzbait includes a high-quality single blade buzzbait, matching ringed swimbait, Trokar Spring-Lock Hook, and a feathered #2 Gamakatsu treble hook - all for one low price. The buzzbait itself is built to handle big fish and features a premium prop blade, durable silicone skirting, and beefy split rings. Fish the swimbait attached to Trokar Spring-Lock Hook for a weedless presentation that's full of action. Or, rig it with the feathered Gamakatsu treble hook and no swimbait when you’re experiencing short bites from finicky bass. No matter how you decide to fish it, the Pepper Custom Baits Commando Buzzbait provides quality components that will put bass in the boat in any conditions. 


-Single blade buzzbait
-Ringed swimbait
-Trokar Spring-Lock Hook
-Gamakatsu #2 feathered trailer

6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I was a skeptic until my friend who is sponsored by Pepper Baits let me try his. Changed my mind. You put a Zoom Swim Fluke Jr. or regular on this thing and its on. I am in the process of ordering me more.

From: Mike: NormanPark Ga

Comments: Easly the best buzzbait out. Not a fad, not a sponsor plug.... I fished this bait when it was a prototype at the TOC at Lake Powell last October and smoked um on it. The big Trokar swimbait hook does not let fish off. And the swimbait trailer is the perfect size for that big bite you need to win a tourney.... Money guys!!! no joke!!!

From: LastKast2010: Durango Co USA

Comments: Trokar hook on a spring or optional feathered treble- im liking this. I like it a lot. Good job Pepper!

From: Brian: Atlanta Ga

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