Pepper Custom Baits Fred Roumbanis Signature Swim Jig

Pepper Custom Baits Fred Roumbanis Signature Swim Jig

Designed with Bassmaster Elite Series veteran and swim jig master, Fred Roumbanis, the Pepper Custom Baits Fred Roumbanis Signature Swim Jig was made to come thru heavy cover. Its narrow shaped head and vertical line tie help it resist snagging and picking up debris, and the flat underside of the head combined with specialized flutes running along the bottom of the head also help it swim true and stand up when at rest on the lake floor. Available in several proven color combinations, the Pepper Custom Baits Fred Roumbanis Signature Swim Jig also features a hefty 5/0 wide gap hook for extra bite and hook setting power.

8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've had very good personal success with this swim jig & just got another order in from TWH they have a really good action if there's a good trailer on.

From: Arceneaux: USA 4/8/16

Comments: All I can say is WOW! Very nice swim jig. I was recently able to fish this in a lake loaded with flooded brush, saplings and lots of grass. These things performed marvelously. The guy complaining about the guard and hook is apparently confused with another brand.

From: Justin: Jenks, OK 5/31/15

Comments: This is the best swim jig out there. Comes through grass and weeds like a greased pig, and catches all sizes of bass from 12 inchers to 6 pounders. Nice sharp hook and casts like a bullet. Pepper Custom Baits make the very best jigs and spinnerbaits out there.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 4/14/15

Comments: Best swim jig around. It has a big profile which is perfect for the kickers but the small ones will choke it to

From: Carter: Newnan, GA 11/8/14

Comments: Good jig, however I would prefer if it had a stouter hook. The hook it comes with flexes a good bit. I haven't lost a fish with it, but if you were to hook into a large bass, it might not be nice. I like to use braid primarily and I can see where a stout rod and 65lb braid will straighten out that hook.

From: Basinbasser: LA 7/19/14

Comments: I purchased these in the gilley and shad color (3/8 and 1/2 oz weights) to use with a paddle tail swimbait trailer. I was throwing these jigs into timber and getting hung up every single cast! The weed guard on these jigs is just too soft for fishing around any sort of wood! They need to replace the weed guard with some stiffer fibers and allow the angler to trim them down, suiting their needs! On the upside, the hook is a light enough wire to be bent whenever you are fishing and get hung up, which is often. I was using 50 pound braid but I have a feeling that the hook would bend with 20 pound fluorocarbon as well.

From: J.A.M: KS 5/20/14

Comments: Don't know if many anglers are having the same issue but the blade keep getting caught back around on the circle loop making it unable to vibrate. Had to much issue with this I just put it away.

From: Tim: Fresno, CA

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