Pepper Custom Baits Micro Jig

Pepper Custom Baits Micro Jig

The Pepper Custom Baits Micro Jig is a go-to finesse jig for heavily pressured waters and finicky fish. Backed with a sticky sharp 2/0 Gamakastsu hook and a double wire plastic keeper, the Pepper Micro Jig means business. It's compact design perfectly mimics small forage species, and it's engineered with a recessed line tie so hang-ups are kept to a minimum. Available in a variety of colors to match the forage in your local waters, when times get tough, tie on the Pepper Custom Baits Micro Jig.

7 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These jigs are pretty cool. The skirt is really full & has fine silicon strands, it also comes in some sick colors. My only complaint is that the hook is to small & that makes it hard to find a trailer small enough to fit, but a trimmed speed craw or a BB cricket works, but the jig really needs a 3/0 hook.

From: Mason: Powell, TN 3/17/16

Comments: One of the best finesse jigs on the market from one of the best jig makers around. Pair this with a tiny paca chunk and you'll have an awesome bait for finicky largemouth, smallies and spots. Have even caught jumbo perch on them.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 11/26/14

Comments: Great Jig. Awesome action. Caught a few big fish on it. The only down fall is the hook is super small.

From: Phillip: AL

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