Persuader Blade in Blade Buzzbaits 1/2oz - $5.99

Persuader is an All-American company based near California's famed Delta and gaining attention nationwide for their fine array of innovative products. Persuader baits have been winning tournaments throughout California for years but this homegrown secret is getting out to the rest of the angling nation. Persuader uses the finest components; Sampo swivels, holographic heads for realistic flash, top quality Bio-Flex silicon skirts, Mustad Wide Gap hooks, and strong, break resistant wire.

The Persuader Blade in each Buzzbait features a smaller plastic counter rotating blade inside the main delta shaped blade for a sound unlike anything you've ever heard in a buzzbait. Four bladed plastic buzzbait blades are what many anglers turn to when they want a quieter burble on calm water and this buzzbait offers the fish attracting burble along with the flash and action of a standard delta blade. The Persuader Blade features the flattest head with the most surface area in the industry, so the bait planes to the surface quicker and stays on top at slower speeds. Each head is powder coated, which gives you a tough, long-lasting finish.

These buzzbaits incorporate the 5/0 long shank Mustad round bend hook and strong .045 wire for durability. Try these buzzbaits for a unique sound and action whenever you want to throw a buzzbait. If you've never tried a Persuader Blade in Blade Buzzbait, you're in for a real treat.

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Persuader Blade in Blade Buzzbaits 1/2oz

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  • Black
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  • Black-Red
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  • Chartreuse
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  • Chartreuse-Blue
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  • White
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  • White-Chartreuse
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Comments: by far my favorite buzzbait !! caught a ton on the black one

From: Eric: Naugatuck,CT

Comments: A very nice buzzbait.  A touch heavy.  I think if it were made in 3/8 OZ it would be perfect.

From: Dan: Cary, NC

Comments: Great Buzzbait...I have been throwing this style bait for years and I like the ability to slow it down with the counter rotating blades. The quick lift design lets you pop it up to the surface right away and you don't lose many with the big hook. It is a bigger profile buzzbait which means bigger fish potential. I recently retired a white one after the metal blade broke, but hey I only caught about 50 fish on it first! Get some..I speak the truth young one. Black and white are my favs.

From: Chad: Denver, CO

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