Persuader Double Buzzer Buzzbaits

Persuader Double Buzzer Buzzbaits

Persuader is an All-American company based near California's famed Delta and gaining attention nationwide for their fine array of innovative products. Persuader baits have been winning tournaments throughout California for years but this homegrown secret is getting out to the rest of the angling nation. Persuader uses the finest components; Sampo swivels, holographic heads for realistic flash, top quality Bio-Flex silicon skirts, Mustad Wide Gap hooks, and strong, break resistant wire.

Double the flash, noise, and fish attracting ability of your buzzbait with the Persuader Double Buzzer Buzzbaits. These baits feature two side by side counter rotating blades for straight tracking and the potential for even slower retrieves and more agitation and noise at any speed. The Persuader Double Buzzer Buzzbait features the flattest head with the most surface area in the industry, so the bait planes to the surface quicker and stays on top at slower speeds. Each head is powder coated, which gives you a tough, long-lasting finish.

These buzzbaits incorporate the 5/0 long shank Mustad round bend hook and strong .045 wire for durability. Try these patented buzzbaits for a new, unique sound and action whenever you want to throw a buzzbait. If you've never tried a Persuader Double Buzzer, you're in for a real treat.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The size of this double blade buzzbait is no joke. Thing is real heavy with a toad trailer, but who am I kidding. It's a double blade buzzer. Gives off a huge wake and literally crawls on the surface compared to the standard single blade buzzbaits. Goes maybe a third of the speed. It actually comes through slop well compared to other buzzers. It is well designed for that. I have become a big fan of Persuader buzzbaits. This one is worth adding to your arsenal. 

From: Chris: Central Valley, CA 8/18/15

Comments: One of the best buzz baits out there.  Even when I go through a patch of algae, the blades still spin.  I use the 1/2 oz--it casts a mile and is very noisy.  I've fished it all day in bright sunlight and have still landed fish. 

From: Joe: Bellingham, WA

Comments: Just had a very successful day with the 3/8 red/black from noon to 3 when your "not supposed to" fish a buzzbait let alone a dark colored one. Caught 6 largemouth from 2-4 lbs which is not bad in indiana. Tried 3 different buzzbaits with no success then went to this double buzzer and BAM!!! Should have had three more but that was due to my error. I hooked them but one got hung in some pads, one swam straight at me too fast under a dock and shook free then another jumped and shook off.

From: Jeff: Rensselaer, IN

Comments:Best double buzz bait on the market. Very durable, I have won three tournaments with these buzz baits.

From:Wayne: Topeka, KS

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