A true bass-magnet, the Phenix Saturn Worm delivers a lively tail action that the even most finicky of fish can't resist. Made using just the right amount of salt, the Phenix Saturn Worm features ribs running the length of the body, which bulk up its profile and slow it's decent. It's lively ribbon tail also flickers with life from the slightest manipulation. Available in a number of appetizing colors, the Phenix Saturn Worm is sure to become a staple with bass anglers everywhere.

Length Quantity
3" 20
4" 10

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Great worm on a drop shot and recently I've been using them on a finesse Carolina rig! Caught my biggest smallmouth this year on this bait.

From: Reece: Lake Mohave, AZ 7/10/14

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