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Picasso Buzz Saw Buzzbait - $6.29

Designed with the collaboration of Western Pros, Matt Newman and Billy Skinner, the Picasso Buzz Saw Buzzbait is designed to throw a lot of water and cause a commotion on the surface that bass can’t resist. Manufactured to achieve the perfect balance between casting distance, straight tracking, and quick planing, the Buzz Saw’s counter rotating blades provide increased lift and assure the bait runs straight.

Its compact design also allows it to be fished over structure such as blow downs and grass without getting hung up. A Mustad UltraPoint hook delivers instant hook penetration and the ideal barb size to keep fish on. The 1/2oz, 3/4oz, and 1oz sizes of the Picasso Buzz Saw Buzzbait are ideal for throwing in windy conditions where traditional lighter size buzz baits have to be put away. Because of their greater casting distances, they are ideal for fishing long points and clear water where the fish are easily spooked.

Made in the USA

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Picasso Buzz Saw Buzzbait

4 Available Colors

  • Black
    Size Stock Qty
    3/8 4
    1/2 3
    3/4 5+
    1 oz. 4
  • Chartreuse
    Size Stock Qty
    3/8 5+
    1/2 10/25
    1 oz. 4
  • Gizzard Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    3/8 5
    1/2 5+
    3/4 5
    1 oz. 3
  • White Pearl
    Size Stock Qty
    3/8 5+
    1/2 5
    3/4 4
    1 oz. Out

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