Picasso Shake-E-Football

The new Picasso Shake-E-Football combines the Picasso Fantasy Football Jig design with the Flexible Nickel Titanium Spring (bait keeper) to provide the ultimate in shakey jig fishing. Not only is this jig great for the shakey technique, but it is also highly versatile for casting and flipping in any cover or open water. The tough Duraseal™ coating and textured head rolls over rocks, through grass, and drags through wood with no hang-ups due to the flexible spring (bait keeper). The spring provides a weedless presentation when your favorite soft plastic is added to the head. This jig also has a very vertical fall for "stroking" techniques. With a size range of 1/16oz. to 1oz., you can easily go from finesse to power shaking and cover a variety of situations.

Shake-E-Football Jigs 3/16oz 1/4oz 3/8oz 1/2oz 3/4oz 1oz
Hook size 3/0 4/0 4/0 4/0 5/0 5/0
Quantity 3 3 3 2 2 2

6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have used numerous Shake-E Heads in the past but once I found Picasso I never looked back.  The feel of these are second to none.  Strong hook which eliminates the concern for the hook bending. I like the Stand-Up head myself but you can't go wrong with any of the Picasso Shake-E Heads.

From: Renee: Eden, NC 3/22/14

Comments: these are the best shake e heads I have used on a recent tournament on a hard to fish lake I caught 4 and missed others with no problem of the hook bending.

From: Matt: Auburn, Alabama

Comments: This is an awesome rig. Won quite a bit of money using it on the the Tennessee River system. If you don't like the blades, exchange them with teasers. I use baby swimming flukes screwed into Owner CPS Springs. Go try it..

From: Matt: Madisonville, Tn, US

Comments: These are the best jig heads for your big worms.The spring holds them in place and the head stands the worm up for life like appeal.Plus the contour on the bottom of jig let's you feel every little bottom change.The best all around jig heads for the money.

From: Ivan: Tunnel Hill, IL

Comments: great jig to drag sweet beavers through the rocks. love the longer hook. glad that they are available again.

From: Scott: PA

Comments: This is my number one jig for large worms (7.5-12" Ribbontails). I haven't had any problems with the hook bending, only after catching 4-5 good fish (5+ lbs) on the same jig head. These work great with Yamamoto Twin Tail Hula grubs, large worms, and Roboworms for shakey heads. I have the shake-downs, but hardly use them any more unless I'm in gin clear water and fishing 2-4lb line on ultralight tackle.

From: Russ: Canton, GA

Comments:Need to use a larger diameter hook. They straighten out easily and hook penetration seems weak. If they would make those slight improvements I would give these a 10/10, but right now I give them a 6/10. They catch fish but I've lost just as many as I've caught because of the weak hook.

From:Shane: Indianapolis, IN

Comments:BEST Stand-Up head by Far. The smaller screw insert allows lining up a Worm Easy, like copys use, larger screw inserts take forever to get your worm straight. With a Picasso, a drop of super glue, ill catch 3 to 4 fish without screwing another worm on.

From:Scott: Conway, AR

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