Picasso Smart Mouth Jig Head Gamakatsu 2X 5pk - $7.79

The Picasso Smart Mouth Gamakatsu Jig Heads are designed to be fished in both fresh and saltwater and fulfill the demand for an assortment of hooks in a broad range of sizes from 1/16oz to 3/8oz. There is now the option of getting a very light weight head equipped with large hooks. The 1/16oz is the smallest head on the market and is available with up to a 5/0 hook. This helps prevent fatigue by reducing the overall weight of Umbrella rigs while still accommodating the rigging of large size swimbaits. In addition, Picassso offers lightweight heads equipped with extra small hooks. They are designed to retain the natural free movement of smaller plastic trailers and swimbaits without the restrictions caused by longer shank hooks. This added action and subtle built in “wobble” the Smart Mouth heads create are irresistible to the fish. Matched perfectly to be rigged on all Picasso products, including Picasso School-E-Rigs, Bait Balls and V Rigs. Available with Gamakatsu 2X Strong 90-degree Hooks.

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Picasso Smart Mouth Jig Head Gamakatsu 2X 5pk

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  • Plain
    Size Stock Qty
    1/16oz #1 02/18
    1/16oz 2/0 5+
    1/16oz 4/0 5+
    1/16oz 5/0 5+
    1/8oz #1 5+
    1/8oz 2/0 02/18
    1/8oz 4/0 02/18
    1/8oz 5/0 02/18
    3/16oz 2/0 5+
    3/16oz 4/0 5+
    3/16oz 5/0 4
    1/4oz 2/0 02/18
    1/4oz 4/0 5+
    1/4oz 5/0 5+
    3/8oz 4/0 4
    3/8oz 5/0 5+
  • Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    1/16oz #1 5+
    1/16oz 2/0 5
    1/16oz 4/0 5+
    1/16oz 5/0 5+
    1/8oz #1 02/08
    1/8oz 2/0 5+
    1/8oz 4/0 5+
    1/8oz 5/0 5+
    3/16oz 2/0 2/12
    3/16oz 4/0 5+
    3/16oz 5/0 5+
    1/4oz 2/0 5+
    1/4oz 4/0 5+
    1/4oz 5/0 5+
    3/8oz 4/0 5+
    3/8oz 5/0 5+

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Comments: These are the absolute best jig heads i have ever used. Fished them for the fish time two weeks ago and my hook up rate was amazing. I am sold!

From: Scott: Pittsburgh, PA

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