Picasso Smart Mouth Large Spring Dummy Head 5pk

The Picasso Smart Mouth Large Spring Dummy Heads are ideal when you need to limit the number of open hook jig heads on you School E Rig or other umbrella rig. The durable spring keeper will keep your larger swimbaits firmly in place, and the lifelike lead heads even feature 3D eyes for added realism. Use the Picasso Smart Mouth Large Spring Dummy Heads to complete your umbrella rig presentation and assure proper functioning of your rig in states that don’t allow you to fish five open hooks. Patented Design.

2 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These heads are super convenient. I bought the 1/16 for my teasers and they work very well. Lifelike to an extent. The spring is much larger with the smaller weights than in the picture on TW so be aware. I would recommend these with a 4.5" bait and up, use the small spring for under 4" baits.

From: Justin: Long Beach

Comments: Love the spring on these. They keep the bait on with out having to glue. Gammy hooks too.

From: Trevor: AZ

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