Picasso Tungsten Takedown 3pk

Tungsten + Shakedown = Takedown! The Picasso Tungsten Takedown is a 97% Tungsten version of the popular Picasso Shakedown. The Takedown's 97% tungsten composition is superior in feel and sensitivity to polymer tungsten (plastic mixed with tungsten powder) products. The Takedown is also made with an unbreakable Nickel Titanium keeper coil that not only comes back to its original position after each fish but also allows for a maximum hook gap due to its unequaled flexibility. Also equipped with a 2X Strong Gamakatsu hook, take down more bass with the Picasso Tungsten Takedown. 

**Please note: hook sizes run a little small on the Picasso Tungsten Takedown. 3/0 is equivalent to 2/0, 4/0 equivalent to 3/0, and 6/0 is equivalent to 4/0.**

-Environmentally-Friendly Non-Lead Product

3 Colors

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    Model No. 116PT2XTD09G403PK
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16oz 4/0 2 $6.39
    1/8oz 3/0 2 $6.39
    1/8oz 4/0 5+ $6.39
    1/8oz 6/0 5+ $6.39
    3/16oz 3/0 5+ $6.69
    3/16oz 4/0 5+ $6.69
    3/16oz 6/0 5+ $6.69
    1/4oz 3/0 5+ $6.69
    1/4oz 4/0 5+ $6.69
    1/4oz 6/0 5+ $6.69
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    Model No. 18PT2XTD333PK
    Blood Red
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/8oz 3/0 1 $6.39
    1/8oz 4/0 02/27 $6.39
    1/4oz 3/0 02/27 $5.88
    1/4oz 4/0 5+ $6.69
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    Model No. 116PT2XTD183PK
    Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16oz 3/0 1 $6.39
    1/8oz 3/0 5+ $6.39
    1/8oz 4/0 5+ $6.39
    1/8oz 6/0 5+ $6.39
    3/16oz 3/0 02/27 $6.69
    3/16oz 4/0 02/27 $6.69
    3/16oz 6/0 02/27 $6.69
    1/4oz 3/0 02/27 $6.69
    1/4oz 4/0 5+ $6.69
    1/4oz 6/0 3 $6.69

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Ive used a ton of different shakey heads to find the one I like best. This by far out performs any others that ive tried. Being made out of tungsten allows me to fill bites I would not with others. Super hook and small profile make it a must if you like fisjing a shakey head.

From: Chris: Austin, AR 8/1/14

Comments: Great shaky head.  Sharp hooks, good paint, and small tungsten heads make for a great profile. Be aware, TW is not exaggerating about the hooks rating being off. I prefer the 1/4oz with 4/0 hook for off shore shaking and I would argue they are closer to 2/0 than 3/0. I have since moved to the 6/0 for trick worms and larger. The bait keeper seems just a little bigger than my old shakedowns which I think is great.

From: Justin: SC 6/5/14

Comments: I used the Shakedown for years and love it, but Picasso made and already great shakey head even better by making it Tungsten!!  I won't fish with anything else!  The ability to order various hook sizes is also a great addition.  I have total confidence in this bait.  I WILL catch fish.

From: Susie: Raleigh, NC 3/20/14

Comments: The 6/0 hook used in the Tungsten Takedown is perfect when throwing a Senko.  

From: Kevin: Guntersville, AL

Comments: such a good shaky head, it goes perfectly with a 4" roboworm straight tail. 8lb fluoro on a spinning rod and I feel every little tick!

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: THE best shakey head jig on the market (The OG Picasso Shakedown jighead) BY FAR, JUST GOT BETTER! Tungsten! Oh my!! Much smaller heads and even more sensitivity...one of my go-to confidence baits is a hag's tornado on a picasso shakedown or a roboworm 5" st-worm in clearer water. They just put fish in the boat and the hook-up rate is UN-PARALLELLED. And I am a big shakey-head fisherman. I've tried so many different styles and weights. Generally 3/16 is way to go...1/4 if a lil windy...5/16 if very deep/windy and if too windy im going to the "touchdown" football shakey in 3/8-1/2oz. But use these jigs.

From: Tanner: Massachusetts (Southeastern)

Comments: I have been using the Picasso Takedown for awhile now here in southern ohio where shaky head and river fishing are king! The are the heads we use when the bite gets tough and I need to feel a fish breath on the bait. The high quality screw loc with the 90 degree Gama hook is the ticket it holds the bait well and my hook up ratio is awesome. Picasso makes awesome products!

From: Jeff: Mt. Orab, Ohio

Comments: i fished a tournament this past weekend done very well  with the 3/16  ounce takedown  UNBELIEVABLE the bite was very suttle im very excited about the takedown i  felt every fish and  i used the same takedown all day and 11 fish later VERY DURABLE AND DEPEDABLE!!    if they as much breathed on it i could feel the bite GREAT JOB PICASSO TEAM !!!  keep up the great work!!!.

From: Donnie: Villa Rica

Comments: Wire keeper is trash! It broke off the head when I was twisting on my trick worm.

From: Terry: Atlanta, GA

Comments: I have been a huge fan of the Picasso Shakedown heads, so I was extremely excited to get my hands on the takedowns with the tungsten head.  Needless to say, I am really disappointed with the hook size in these things.  They may be ok for small 4 inch worms, but they are no where near big enough for my trickworms that I use on the shakedowns.  Maybe they will come out with a larger hook version in the future.

From: John: Calhoun, LA

Comments: Picasso Takedown Tungsten shakey head is off the charts. The sensitivity is unbelievable. Feel everything on the bottom and detect bites super easy. Real nice addition to my shakey head fishing.

From: Jerry: Kennesaw: GA

Comments: I have been fishing the Picasso Shakedown for years. Its an awesome jig head but now I that I have discovered this Tungsten version it's the cats meow. You can feel everything on the bottom and detect my bites much more easily. Big fan of the 90 degree Gamikatsu hook.

From: Todd: Center, AL

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