Plano Elite 3707 Large Crankbait Organizer - $12.49

The Plano FTO Elite 3707-08 Large Crankbait Organizer secures up to 22 large crankbaits.  Hefty latches ensure solid closure, and the Plano FTO Elite 3707-08 Organizer's durable construction and internal spacing keeps your crankbaits secure and free of unnecessary scratches and damage during storage. 

Fits in 3700-series Footprint

Dimensions: 14" x 9" x 1-7/8"

Comments: This organizer will only fit 10 large crankbaits (BD8, DD22, DT18 or 6XD), lots of space wasted. I usually like plano elite organizers but this one is not made for large crankbaits.

From: Diego: Mexico 12/9/14

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