Plano Hydro Flo Hanging Bait Box 3505

Do you have an overflow of spinnerbaits that you want organized and protected? If so, than the Plano Hydro Flo Hanging Bait Box 3505 is the perfect solution.

Designed to hold a whopping 72 spinnerbaits, the Plano Hydro Flo Hanging Bait Box 3505 comes with 3 different dividers that can be placed into five different slots to accommodate an array of lure sizes. Built with Plano’s Hydro Flo technology, the Plano Hydro Flo Hanging Bait Box 3505 also allows spinnerbaits to air dry in the box, so skirts don’t’ stick together and hooks won’t rust. Constructed with a clear lid for easy identification, the Plano Hydro Flo Hanging Bait Box 3505 is the perfect way to keep all of your spinnerbaits organized and in working order.

-Holds up to 72 Spinnerbaits

Dimensions: 9.875"L x 8.375"W x 6.125"H 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Seen a lot of bad reviews about the dividers being curved. Mine weren't curved & the box opens & closes perfectly. Great buy!

From: Stetson: WV 8/9/16

Comments: Impossible to get the banana shaped dividers in grooves to close the lid. It would work if the box did not have the grooves in the lid.

From: Randy: NC 1/6/16

Comments: This item comes with 3 dividers to hang your baits on. When I received it, the 3 dividers were just lying inside the box and were curved. Since the lid has a slot for each divider to "mate with" when you close it, the lid would not close. I attempted the straighten them, which shouldn't be necessary since it was brand new, by soaking them in hot water & bending them in the opposite direction of their curvature. This helped but eventually they all wanted to retain some curvature. Therefore, I am returning the item.

From: Steve: Charlotte, NC 11/11/15

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