Plano Pro Latch Line Spool Box 1084 - $9.99

The Plano Pro Latch Line Spool Box 1084 keeps fishing lines organized and tangle-free. The Plano 1084 holds 6 spools of fishing line up to 1" wide. Lines are easily visible in the clear box and feed through holes in the front, making transfer to your reel easy.

Dimensions: 6.75" x 5.5" x 4.75"

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Plano Pro Latch Line Spool Box 1084

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Plano Pro Latch Line Spool Box 1084 $9.99

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Comments: An absolutely great and innovative, yet simple design. Surprised it was not invented or brought to market sooner...Enables you to keep your spools all organized and easily spool up line on the fly, even in the boat with EASE. No more pencils or asking a buddy to help...Spools right out of the box, thru the rubber grommets that protects the line perfectly. I have two. One for Braided "superlines" and one with Fluorocarbons...made it much easier on me to spool up and switch up and not dread it. Well worth the ten bones...Buy 1 or 2.

From: Tanner: Southeast, MA.

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