Plano WaterProof StowAway 3740

The Plano Waterproof Storage Box 3740 improves on the original design - delivering unprecedented waterproof protection.  Its Dri-Loc O-ring seal and three innovative, up-latching fasteners ensure your gear stays dry and secure no matter what conditions you face.  Featuring 4-23 adjustable compartments, the Plano 3740 Waterproof Storage Box provides amazing storage versatility, and it’s also a great choice for extra long bulk storage.

Dimensions: 14" x 9" x 2"  

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Been suffering with other boxes for too long. Organize my terminal tackle, go fishing hit a couple waves or boat wakes & evrything is scrambled.  Got one of these, been out in rough stuff but everything stays in the right compartment.  I would not hesitate to buy more.  No prblems with the latches thus far

From: Dan: Roch, NY 8/18/15

Comments: Great boxes.  i have about 20 of them I have had 3 latches break of the 20 and one crack. The cracked one was because I dropped it. it's still usable though. I will keep continuing to buy these despite being to expensive. They work and I like them Also I emailed Plano and they just send me a package of latches to replace and to have spares in case it happens again.

From: Zeth: Oakland, CA 4/2/15

Comments: Bad experiences it seems for 2 people with these containers absolutely 0 problems for myself. I have both the 3740 and 3640 watertight StowAways for the entire summer to hold my hard baits and hooks, latches hold well meant to keep gear dry not wet and they do exactly this. 5/5 Need to buy 1 o 2 more.

From: Mike: GTA, Ontario, Canada

Comments: Save your money, I bought one for the same reason as Steve and my latch didn't break, but one whole side of the box cracked wide open (4 inch crack)

From: Paxton: AL

Comments: These are horrible to put soft baits in.  I bought them thinking I could cram with soft baits, spray them down with my favorite scent and have them available for easy access without the scent leaking in the boat.  To my surprise, the latches on the boxes broke after about 3 weeks.  They did not leak until the latches broke but once one or two latche broke, then the seal did not close I guess.  For the price, you would expect these to last a while. 

From: Steve: Auburn, AL

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