Poor Boy's DS Darter 4.75" 10pk - $4.49

The Poor Boy's DS Darter worm has proven itself to be an effective fish producing design. Chip Harrison won the Lake Champlain FLW Series drop shotting the DS Darter. The DS Darter features a zipper style body and a flat thin tail that moves easily with little effort.

"I used Poor Boy's tubes in the colors watermelon, copper and purple, as well as, the Poor Boy's D.S. Darter in a color called mango magic. When the people at Poor Boy's make a bait, they make it right. They use ideal colors and the perfect amount of flakes so that the baits look natural and not too gaudy."

- Chip Harrison FLW Pro

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4.75" 10
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Poor Boy's DS Darter 4.75

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  • Copper Candy
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  • Green Pumpkin
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  • Green Pumpkin Orange
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  • Mango Magic
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  • Plenzler Melon
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  • Watermelon Gold
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  • Watermelon Grape
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  • Watermelon Purple Pearl
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Comments: A well kept secret for Erie drop shot.

From: John: Washington, PA

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