Power-Pole Micro Anchor Drive Unit Black

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Nothing gets you closer to the fish than your small craft. And nothing anchors you better than the all-new, all-electric Power-Pole Micro Anchor Drive Unit made just for smaller vessels and kayaks.

The first of its kind - it is a super-compact powerhouse built to give you the ultimate shallow water fishing experience.  Extremely quietly and easy to install, it’s also easily removable, so you can easily take it off and store it when not in use or transfer it to another boat.

Powered by a 12v battery or optional L-ION  battery (sold separately), it is easily controllable from the top of the unit with Auto Up/Down, Anchor force adjustment (stopping power), custom programming options, battery level indicator - both 12V and L-ION. You can even call your moves from your smart phone with Power Pole’s free app (Android only).

**Power Pole Micro Spike Sold Separately**

-Extremely quiet
-Easy installation
-Driver unit is easily removable for storage or transfer to another boat
-Pairs with other C-Monster controllers
-Works with other 3/4" spikes
-Spike can stay in the Micro Driver Unit or be removed while running to your next spot
-Backed by a 2 year warranty

Power: "Stealth"60 Watt low RPM high torque electric motor.
Deployment speed: 1.2 ft. per second
Weight with Clamp: 11.5lbs
Weight without Clamp: 7.5lbs
Mounting Bracket Footprint: 6.20" x 5.60"
Transom Clamp Footprint: 3" clamping thickness; 3.3" vertical x 6.2" horizontal area taken on transom
Housing unit: IP 68 Environmental Resistance (1-2 meter saltwater submersion)
Anchor depth: (varies based on spike length): Aproximately 8ft with Power-Pole Micro Spike
Recommended boat size: up to 1500lbs


-Wireless Remote Control
-Advanced Wireless Dash Switch
-Mounting Hardware
-Fully Adjustable Mounting Bracket
-Electrical Cord/Plug/Battery Terminals
-Quick Release Cord (Kayaks)
-Free App (Android Operating System Only)
-USB Connector - for software updates and downloads

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have it on a Nitro Z7 which is quite big for the micro anchor but it holds the boat in place just fine.  Even in rough Potomac river chop it holds me in place. 

From: Jstove: Alexandria, VA 12/21/15

Comments: This is a must-have for anyone fishing a light watercraft; it took about 10 minutes to install (if that) and works immediately after the calibration process. The Power Pole has allowed me to fish more thoroughly, even in choppy water and has freed up my attention to fishing instead of having to keep the boat in position with the trolling motor. One can fish an area much more thoroughly with the Power Pole on their boat. The convenience of the remote, and never having to worry about the mess or hassle of dragging in an anchor easily justified the price-point for me. It's quickly detached and moved between water-crafts that have the bracket already.

From: Damon: TX 8/5/14

Comments: so far I really like it. I had to make sure it has it's own dedicated switch to not waste battery life but I spent all day putting it up and down without problems. In my local waters, mucky bottoms are normal. I drive the spike a few feet into the muck to get any hold but the difference is its all mechanical instead of manual. The dash switch seems to work better if not in the sun. Thats worth mentioning if you were hoping to use that on a jon boat and does not have a steering console like me.
But I like it a lot.

From: Mike: NJ 6/28/14

Comments: As advertised, simple but very effective. I secure mine to my boat using a separately purchased transom clamp. When this thing is at max anchor strength, there is almost not amount of force I can tigheten down the clamps with to keep it from moving. Addtl, I already had a 3/4" fiberglass rod. The one you purchase through power pole has a knob on the top of the spike. This knob is very necessary. Otherwise when you go to auto down, the unit will shoot the spike right out the botton of the device. This almost happened to me the first time I used it. 

From: Matt: CT 4/14/14 
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