Pro Cure Super Gel

Pro Cure Super Gel

Pro Cure Super Gel is an all-natural fish attractant. Super Gel is made from real fresh bait and enhanced with powerful amino acids. The long lasting sticky texture of Super Gel will adhere to any style bait. A liquid dispensed squeeze bottle makes Super Gel easy to apply.

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Super Gel Crawfish 2oz $6.99 5+
Super Gel Garlic Crawfish 2oz $6.99 5+
Super Gel Garlic Plus 2oz $6.99 5+
Super Gel Gizzard Shad 2oz $6.99 5+
Super Gel Rainbow Trout 2oz $6.99 5+
Super Gel Shad 2oz $6.99 5+
Super Gel Threadfin Shad 2oz $6.99 5+
Super Gel Trophy Bass 2oz $6.99 5+
Super Gel Crawfish 8oz $16.99 5
Super Gel Garlic Crawfish 8oz $16.99 5+
Super Gel Rainbow Trout 8oz $16.99 5+
Super Gel Trophy Bass 8oz $16.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: nothing wrong with this stuff. I prefer aerosol but had to use this in a pinch. Stays on a LONG time.

From: Jay6: USA 11/4/14

Comments: Please stock the calico cocktail blend. Stuff is Killer for spotties, Sandies and halibut in CA bays. Sticks well to swimbaits after a few casts and smells true. It definitely upped my catch ratio

From: Morgan: Newport Beach, CA 3/9/14

Comments: Amazed that i can out fish anybody with this product. great for swimbaits and isn't messy at all compared to the smelly jelly liquid.

From: Jimmy: CA

Comments: The only scent you need. Made with real ground up bait it smells an tastes like the real deal. The u.v Enhancement truly makes a difference night fishing especially if you use a Blacklight. The pro-cure folks are some of the most helpful friendly supportive people around. Garlic plus is my favorite. This stuff really works. Don't leave home without it and don't waste money on some other brand. Pro-cure is the deal!!!

From: Justin: Glendale, AZ

Comments: This scent is great. I use it all the time when fishing swimbaits. I use rainbow trout and shad based on forage. The difference between this stuff and other attractants is taste. It sounds weird but after an accident I learned something very important. Hot Sauce has no taste. This is the only attractant I've used that has a taste too which I think is key in getting those fish.

From: Dreds: Saginaw, MI

Comments: i have tried all of the scents that tacklewarehouse has there is nothing that even comes close to this product  procure uses 100 percent real bait to make there product unlike the other ones listed that only use barely 10 percent real product. along with aminos added it sticks to your bait like no other and it actually works. I have fished many small bass tournaments and i can tell you i have out fished pros  this product  can make a great fishing day the very best on the market!

From: Jim: Lake Tomahawk, WI

Comments: this stuff is without a doubt bad-ass!!!! it sticks to baits and will make missed fish strike and strike again----do try it!

From: Bunker: VA, USA

Comments: Pretty special stuff! Best of the best in my opinion. None of the others can match Pro-Cure except for possibly Smelly Jelly Pro Guide 3X for the best results. I've had an application stay on a lure for the better part of a day without adding more! Never done it but would guess if you put Pro-Cure on a cotton ball with a hook, you'd probably catch fish like a baited hook!  You owe it to yourself to try this stuff if you want to catch MANY more fish. (try the rainbow trout or crawfish formulas for bass, incredible!!!!). Give it a shot.

From: Jim: Cali, USA

Comments: This stuff actually stcks to baits and will remain on even after 10 -15 casts.   Amazing property!

From: Bunker: Virginia, USA

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