Provider Tackle Performance Series Tube 4" 10pk - $4.49

FLW pro Art Ferguson's Provider Tackle Performance Series Tube Baits are the perfect size to match the hatch of any forage found in the water. Performance Series Tube Baits are enhanced with an incredible product called "X-Juice". It is proven to attract more fish!! Use the Performance Series Tube Heads for an all around fish catching experience.

Provider Tackle Performance Series Tube Head

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4" 10
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Provider Tackle Performance Series Tube 4

14 Available Colors

  • Garzamyst
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  • Great Lakes Melon
    Stock Qty
  • Green Pumpkin
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  • Green Pumpkin Brown
    Stock Qty
  • Green Pumpkin Copper
    Stock Qty
  • Green Pumpkin Fizz
    Stock Qty
  • Green Pumpkin Red
    Stock Qty
  • Lemon Melon
    Stock Qty
  • Pearl Shad
    Stock Qty
  • Pumpkin Melon
    Stock Qty
  • Smoke Purple
    Stock Qty
  • Watermelon Candy
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  • Watermelon Red
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  • Work of Art
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Comments: These tubes catch fish. The combination of color, scent and action are the key. I've used them to catch smallies and large mouth and they work. I also purchased the matching jig heads from TW and the action in the water was true.

From: Jay: Dayton, OH 7/12/14

Comments: there is no other bait/lure that i have more faith in than these tubes....even when my buddies r fishing other tubes i out catch them. deadly, plain n simple

From: Jeroo: Hawgin

Comments: These tubes are awesome!  we use them dragging for smallies up on erie and they are my favorite bait for flipping matts as well.  They are as good of a tube that is on the market and you get a good amount of them for the price.   I am slowly converting all my friends to these tubes!

From: Jeremy: Punxsutawney, PA

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