Provider Tackle Survivor Series Shakey Heads 6pk

FLW pro Art Ferguson designed the Survivor Series Shakey Head. The Survivor Series Shakey Head Jig is backed with a 4/0 60 degree Owner light wire hook, perfect for finesse worms, crawfish or grub type baits. Unlike most shakey heads, the Survivor Series Shakey Head offers a longer than average shakey hook.

6 per pack

4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: In my best Roland Martin imitation voice : " Son ! ...Son ! - Art knows a thing or two about shakey head jig design " ! ...Folks this is the real deal shakey head and here is why : First the basic essentials of a good shakey head jig are having a reputable hook maker (Owner) , a 60 degree low pro line tie , a barbed soft plastic holder on the hook (provides a more ideal hook point with worm angle combonation for better hook ups ) , a compact clean head design and all the powder coated colors you need for matching with your favorite soft plastics . What about value ? A six pack for the same price as other suppliers charge for 4 or 5 jig heads . Last but not least - This shakey head jig excels with longer 6 and 7 inch trick worms due to the slightly longer shank on the Owner hook . So if you are looking for a reasonably priced shakey head using quality components and a very good design which you can hop , drag , twitch or stroke in your favorite colors with fewer snags or fouling - look no further ...Provider Tackle's Survivor Series Shakey Head Jig should be on your short list to try  ...Son ! ...Son !

From: Chris: Acworth , GA.

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