Punisher Lures Bob's Bobbers 2pk

Very useful tools among float-n-fly and panfish anglers, the Punisher Lures Bob's Bobbers are handcrafted, weighted and balanced for premium buoyancy. Constructed out of hard foam for maximum durability, Bob's Bobbers are offered in a fluorescent orange finish for maximum visibility. To set your bait's fishing depth, simply slide the bobber up or down your line. Once the desired depth has been determined, secure your fishing line to the spring-loaded clip to lock in place.

Length: 1"


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Customer Reviews

Comments:  I have spent a lot of time and money using and making different bobbers for the float and fly.  My homemade bobbers are now very similar to the internally weighted Bob's bobber.  If you are new to the technique just buy a couple of these and be done with it.  You will save time and money in the long run.

From: Robert: Louisville, TN

Comments: Wow Dave obviously you have never fished the float and fly so you have no idea why this bobber is necessary. You see, float and fly is employed on our high elevation smallmouth lakes when water temps drop in the low 50's. This bobber is internally weighted to alert you when a lethargic smallmouth slurps a small 1/16 oz fly and just sits there with it. When a fish takes the fly, the bobber will tip on its side and bingo.....you set the hook. Also when the fly reaches the desired depth the bobber sits upright until......wait for it......the fish takes the fly and bingo the bobber tips over. Thanks for your worthless review. How bout you just stick to reviewing what you have actually used and keep your uneducated comments to yourself.

Comments: Wow, I am extremely impressed with the design of this bobber!!! Notice the excellent "handcrafted" orange paint, the slight dip of the paint level on the left side was designed to compensate water level on the lakes you fish at.... Seriously though, what's the difference between this and your 99 cents walmart special?!!! Purnisher lures will punish your wallet for sure ;)

From: David: Murrieta, CA

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