Rapala Fat Rap

Rapala Fat Rap

Without the correct lure, targeting finicky or wary fish can become a frustrating and unfruitful task. With the help of the Rapala Fat Rap you can present a bite-sized offering that the most allusive bass won’t be able to say no to. Anytime you’re fishing a lot of open water with a population of fish that has become increasingly hesitant, the Rapala Fat Rap is your go-to crankbait. Its tight swimming action perfectly imitates the movement of a fleeing shad and triggers reaction bites on pure impulse. Crafted from extra-durable Balsa wood and equipped with a narrow bill, the Rapala Fat Rap quickly gets down to the depths and deflects off of structure and debris with a speedy recovery. Tank-tested and hand-tuned, the Rapala Fat Rap comes equipped with two sticky sharp #4 VMC Black Nickel hooks and comes ready to catch fish right out of the box. 

Rapala Length Weight Depth Hook
Fat Rap 2" 5/16oz 3-5ft #4 

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These bad boys have never failed me in just about any clear water situation. From reservoirs to deep strip pits bass just can't resist. I just wish they were easier to find, thanks Tackle Warehouse.

From: Holden: Canton, OH 3/18/14

Comments: Ahh .... super!!! I ordered 6 pieces for my Christmas present, unfortunately, i was forced to order at Landbigfish-shop, because at that time they were not at Tackle Warehouse offer. Here in Europe this "Classic Suuuuper!-model" is long unavailable. Next for me is only one way to order... at my favorite U.S.online-shop: TACKLE WAREHOUSE. Thanks boys...and very nice price!

From: Petr: Czech Republic

Comments: i hope that rapala brings these back in full force with all the classic colors!

From: Chris

Comments: One of the best crankbaits ever made! I've thrown them all across the country and they have never let me down!

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