Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder - $9.79 to $20.49

You can never have enough storage on your boat, which is why the Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder is so incredibly convenient. The Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder easily mounts to any flat surface in your boat with screws, or a high strength bonding tape (both included). Once mounted, the Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder can keep a combination of clippers, pliers, cutters, split-ring pliers, or screwdrivers right where you need them with its strong magnetic backer. Add some extra storage to your boat with the Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder. 

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Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder

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  • MTH1
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    3 $9.79
  • 2
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    5+ $15.59
  • 3
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    5+ $20.49

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