Rapala Original Floater

The Rapala Original Floater is still one of Rapala's most popular "go-to" lures. Whether you twitch it on the top as a surface bait, or retrieved as a shallow runner, the Original Floater delivers the wounded minnow action that others continue to imitate but can never duplicate. Constructed from balsa wood, it can float out of obstructions and snags, and its VMC hooks offer lightning fast penetration. Available in a variety of proven colors, the Rapala Original Floater continues to be irresistible to gamefish on every continent around the world.

Original Floater



F05 2" 1/16oz 3-5ft
F07 2-3/4" 1/8oz 3-5ft
F09 3-1/2" 3/16oz 3-5ft
F11 4-3/8" 3/16oz 4-6ft

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7 Colors

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    Model No. F07G
    Size Stock Price Qty
    7 5+ $7.39
    9 5+ $7.89
    11 4 $9.19
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    Model No. F09RTL
    Live Rainbow Trout
    Size Stock Price Qty
    9 4 $7.89
    11 5+ $9.19
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    Model No. F09SML
    Live Smelt
    Size Stock Price Qty
    9 5+ $7.89
    11 5+ $9.19
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    Model No. F09SH
    Size Stock Price Qty
    9 5 $7.89
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    Model No. F05S
    Size Stock Price Qty
    5 5+ $6.69
    7 5+ $7.39
    9 5+ $7.89
    11 10+ $9.19
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    Model No. F09SFC
    Silver Fluorescent Chartreuse
    Size Stock Price Qty
    9 5 $7.89
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    Model No. F09V
    Size Stock Price Qty
    9 5+ $7.89
    11 4 $9.19

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Customer Reviews

Comments: My whole family uses these rapalas from sizes 3-11. I personally like using the size 3 shiner for big bluegill & slab black crappie, I had one lose a treble hook & I still kept catching fish. For shallow water I prefer a size 11 silver to pull out those massive largemouth. I use this lure year-round & the bass just can't resist it. In the pre-spawn I fish it close to vegetation, but during post-spawn I'll fish it in deeper water & try to get into those schooling fish. It's an all around amazing bait and I'll give it 7 stars. It's just that good.

From: Alex: Tabor City, NC 6/25/16

Comments: This lure kills it! I do a combination of winding down and pause, wind down and jerk/jerk, jerk/jerk/pause and it just doesn't matter. The bass love it. Great for shallow situations where you don't want to lose ur crankbait. Add a feather larger treble for more action and hold on!

From: John: Germantown, MD 5/1/15

Comments:  This is an old lure that still works great! My favorite size is the F13 (5"). Some people may think this size is too big, but I had caught A LOT more bass 9" and smaller on this lure (usually in late summer) than bass over 9"! I had the most success with it in pre-spawn (caught some bass over 2lbs). My favorite colors are silver, gold and baby bass).

From: Marco: Portugal 

Comments: Awesome lure to use in the pre spawn as a wake bait. or in the post spawn as a twitch bait. Up here in WI purple is a good color, so the hot steel has a purple back, and that color is deadly. use the size 5 in the pre spawn ,and the size 7 in the post spawn. you wont be dissapointed. Thanks TW and Rapala!

From: Mitch: WI

Comments: ive caught multiple bass over ten pounds on this get it the way u should work it is reel steady and twitch or let it sit on top and twitch

From: Dylan

Comments: I love this lure! I use this lure for the ultraclear water in inland lakes. This bait is very durable and has a wobble unlike anything else. They are light so use them on spinning gear and make long casts. Guaranteed to catch fish.

From: Kyle: Southern MI

Comments: Ultra versatile and easy to manipulate, the original Rapala Floater has long been my fallback when nothing else seems to be working. They catch just about everything in the river, making it a great search bait when trying to find where fish are congregating. I like to put a split ring on the eye to give it a little more wobble. I prefer using them in the smaller sizes (F5-F9) and I can't count the number of times they've saved me from going home fishless. The F5 Silver should be in everyone's panic box. Fish it like a topwater, or bring it in  with an erratic retrieve. It *will* catch fish in shallow water, period.

From: Mark: Lower Michigan

Comments: Comments: Will put bass in boat when other baits won't.

From: Leo: Hollywood, FL

Comments: The F13 is a limit filler.It catches a ton of bass and it WILL catch big fish. It has made me lots of money and is always on one rod in my boat.

From: Louie: Central FL

Comments: This is the BEST LURE EVER. If you don't have one, you havn't truly experienced fishing. I have had one for at least 5 years, one of my first lures, and have caught at least 1/2 of my total fish on this lure. It is EXTREMLY durable, not a single bit of paint chipped off. When I'm fishing with my friends and i pull this out, i always catch one, even on a bad day. The classic Rapala is my favorite lure. I have the silver color.

From: Micael: Austin, TX

Comments: this lure blows. do not get it. i regret it so much. get the husky jerk instead

From: Phil: Springfield, IL

Comments: I meet two guys that have caught 10lb bass on this old bait.One is mounted on his wall other guy released his fish. That is why this bait is a  legend. Try some if you never did. It is old favorite for pros and legend bait.

From: Alex: Kansas

Comments: The gold and perch F11-13 Rapala Floater is deadly to those pre-spawn walleyes. Have caught some big boys with these lures upwards of 13lbs. Also a great smallmouth lure not so many largies caught with these baits but lb for lb id rather catch smallies any day

From: Scott: Upstate NY

Comments: The original is still the best in my book, there is a reason so many companies make there jerk baits look just like the original floater in shape. They imitate the shape, but can't come close to the action, both on straight retrieves, and jerks. I've caught a ton of fish on these things. I have these, smithwicks, Bagleys, Rebels, and a megabass, and this baits beats them all hands down, add that to the price being less than 7 bucks(compared to 25 for a megabass). The lip never breaks, and even if the paint wears off(IF is the key word) it will still catch fish, I have one I got from my great uncle all the paint wore off, just a wood bait with a lip and hooks, no color at all, and I still would catch hundreds of fish on it.

From: Ben: FL

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