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Rapala Pro Guide Clipper - $2.59

The Rapala Pro Guide Line Clippers feature a durable, stainless steel construction with a razor-sharp cutting edge that might just make them the last pair of clippers you’ll ever own. The larger thumb bar also makes them easier to use - even with gloves on. Also equipped with a line pick, cutting knife and lure tuning tool, the Rapala Pro Guide Line Clippers are always ready.

Length: 2-1/2"

Comments: I bought a pair of these, and think they are junk! The knife is dull, and the line pick is so hard to actually swing away from the frame. When I tried to use the clipper end (what I really got these for) I couldn't clip my tag line on 10lbs Yo-zuri hybrid. When I looked at the blades they weren't even touching when I pressed the handle. I will say that the thumb lever thing is great. I took the handle off and put it on a cheap nail clipper I got at the pharmacy.

From: Dan: Cleveland, OH 2/27/14

Comments: I've been using this for the past 4 years and it works great. won't cut braid any heavier than 20lb but you'd be foolish to expect it to. has a great backlash pick also.

Comments: Unlike the other reviews, I have had good luck with it not breaking. The knife is a little dull. Overall, mine works great!

From: Josh: MN

Comments: Well i have an update: the thing fell apart when i was going to open it. the thumb push broke right of the shears. what junks

Comments: The clipper loses the edge after about 2 line cuttings. Doesnt cut to well. I would have been better of getting toe clippers. The knifes a joke, its SO dull.

From: Tony: Madison

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Rapala Pro Guide Clipper

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