Rapala Skitter Walk

Rapala Skitter Walk

The Rapala Skitter Walk is often regarded as one of the easiest walk-the-dog lures available. Thanks to a large internal rattle, the Skitter Walk produces a rhythmic walk-the-dog action, while also providing fish-attracting sound to call fish in from greater distances. Featuring a durable, streamlined construction as well, the Skitter Walk was designed for long, accurate casts. Definitely a great choice when the topwater bite is on, the Rapala Skitter Walk is a proven topwater lure, available in a variety of color combinations, and featuring realistic detailing with up to 12 coats of paint and epoxy for added realism and durability.

Rapala Length Weight Class Hooks
Skitter Walk 3-1/8" 7/16oz Topwater #3 VMC Treble

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Like all Rapala hard baits, these things are tough as nails. Great walking action.  Only weakness was I missed a few fish 'til I sized up the trebles.

From: Brian: Los Gatos, CA

Comments: I killed this year with the Bluegill color.... One day i was fishing a resevoir by me. Clearwater, bass finicky as hell, and this  bait produced!

Comments: love this lure casta mile and is bass redfish snook and trout killer love it but they are expensive over all great lure

From: Ben

Comments: Casts like a bullet, great one-knocking sound, caught tons of bass out of deep clear water on this bait...

From: Jason: State College, PA

Comments: This lure walks the dog like no other, Redfish, that,s right Redfish and speckle trout explode on this lure with a vengeance.

From: Scott: Destin, FL

Comments: This lure along with the heddon spook jr. are the easist of all to 'walk the dog'. they are great for smallmouth and white bass. if your looking for a smaller bait with a smaller price that works, this is it!

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

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