Rapala Touch Screen Tournament Scale 15lb

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The Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale features a large digital touch screen, which makes it easy to store up to 8 separate fish weights. It also comes equipped with 8 numerical culling floats to match up with the stored fish weights, allowing for quick and easy identification of your smallest cull fish.  A running cumulative total of your 8 fish weights is also continuously displayed, so you always know at a glance what your total sack weighs. The Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale runs up to 400 hours on two AA batteries (not included), and Backup Memory retains stored data if battery power is lost.

Additional Features:

-Large Digital Touch Screen
-Accuracy - 15lb +/- 1oz
-Stores up to 8 fish weights
-Heavy Duty Weight Clamp
-Stainless Steel Weight Hook
-3 Weight Display Options - lbs/oz, decimal lbs, or kg
-8 Storage Bins - stores up to 8 individual fish weights
-8 Numbered Cull Floats
-Total Catch Weight - Continuously displays total catch weight and stored weight in bins
-Back Light - illuminates screen
-Ambient Temperature - displays current air temperature
-Sound - Turn acknowledgement tone on or off.
-Tare Weight - weight fish in a container without including the weight of the container in the reading
-400 hour life - two AA batteries (not included)
-Storage Bag - convenient soft bag features sewn in operation instruction for quick reference

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Customer Reviews

Comments: By far, the best scale I have ever used. Very accurate, easy to use, and great battery life. I've had it for over a year and have no complaints. I've had cul-m-rite and others that are way more expensive and this outperforms all of them. Great investment for $50.

From: Chris: Lake Havasu City, AZ 11/30/16

Comments: Great scale and works awesome in a tournament. Worst thing about it is the clamp that holds the fish, this parts sucks. So it bought a fish gripper and added it onto the scale in stead of the clamp or hook that comes with it. Now it is just bloody awesome!!

From: Lourens: South Africa 5/10/16

Comments: Great scale. Highly recommend. The ability to cull weights is really good feature.

From: Casey: Millboro, VA 10/24/15

Comments: Awesome scale, to answer Russ, the instructions are on the inside of the black cloth bag that comes with it....

From: Garreth: Cape Town, South Africa 6/10/15

Comments: Great scale. Great value. Especially compared to the Cull-M-Rite. Easy interface, hardly uses any battery power & very close weights to what is weighed officially. I recommend it.

From: Miles: USA 5/24/15

Comments: I was really excited and purchased 2 of these. The issue that I have is that the on/off button sticks and that makes this very tough to turn on quickly. Very tough on the fish when it takes a minute or so to turn on and be able to weigh the fish. Being a trophy hunter and catch and release guy, I have to admit that this somewhat expensive scale does not satisfy my requirements because of the sticking button issue.  I am shocked that Normark did not identify this problem and fix it.

From: Jack: Kissimmee, FL 4/12/15

Comments: This scale is very accurate and easy to use. Unfortunately they will routinely turn themselves off before you can get a weight on your fish. I've owned two of them and they have both done the exact same thing. If Rapala were able fix this issue this would be an excellent scale but as it stands now I can not recommend it.

From: Daniel: AZ 1/20/15

Comments: scale is great. Tags are garbage buy good ones. Way better value than cull m rite.  

From: Miles: AZ 3/30/14

Comments: The scale is awesome, however the clips on the cull tags suck. I just replace the lip clips with the safety pin type holder that way the bass won't shake them off and you will always be able to tell what fish is what number. Buy it.

From: Jeremy: Dover, DE

Comments: I would tell the weigh in official my weight (+-.12 ounce) before the weigh in was conducted. Best investment i made in 2013. Would highly recommend this product.

From: Craig

Comments: Been using this for a few years.  It does have some quirks -have to push the screen a couple of times sometimes, or it turns off inadvertently (but it doesn't loose the previous entries), but, in general, works fine for me.  A little unintuitive to use, but the instructions are sewn into the bag (once you remember how, its easy).  I removed the clip and added a large single barbless hook.  I also threw out the fish clips and made my own, using the numbered bouys that came with it and replacing stiffer nylon rope and plastic fish stringer clips (lighter than the metal ones).  The scale by itself is worth every penny (compare to the more quirky Cull-M-Rite scales $).  I found the weights to be dead on, if you have inaccuracies, it might be that you tared it incorrectly. I haven't dropped mine in the water, but it has been splashed plenty of times (probably every time I use it) so it seems to be adequately waterproof.  Don't get the neg comments, but I'm happy with mine.

From: John: Monroe, Indiana

Comments: Scale is user friendly, and produces very repeatable readings. 

From: Jesse: Waterford, MI

Comments: Works great until it gets damp. Returned it for another only to have that one fail too. If they could keep out the moisture they would have a great product. Very user friendly until it fails.

From: Lee: Hbg, PA

Comments: Extremely accurate. Warning: Not very waterproof. Used it in the rain in a tournament and it began to not work properly. Took all winter for it to dry out to where it now works. The touch screen is not very workable, have to push on the buttons real hard to register.

From: Max: Lacrosse, WI

Comments: Love this scale its accurate and has great features

From: Louis

Comments: Worked good for the first couple times and now its wayyyy off. Im better off taking a guess

From: BRAMBO199

Comments:  Wow! All the negative reviews on this product This scale is highly accurate. It might have been a 1 oz off on a 29 lb. sack. I have used all kinds of scales and have yet to find one as good as this. Being able to store your weight, add your weight, and even the number the fish is on the culling system that comes with it but I use Ardent Smart Cull system so i used fingernail polish and painted the color beside the number  and it makes it so easy to know which fish to cull. I have seen about 25 or 30 people in our area with this scale and nothing but high praise for this scale. Buy this and you wont go back to any other electronic scale.

From: Heath: Leighton, AL

Comments: When it works I really liked it.  Found it to be pretty accurate.  Problem I consistently have, is it will  automatically shut off before getting fished weighed.  It worked good at first but now having issues.

From: Chris: Maryville, MO

Comments: Sorry but this thing just ain't accurate.  The same test weight (established on a certified scale) varied by .20# over multiple attempts.  Maybe I got a lemon.  Maybe not.  TW made it right, as always.

From: TunaKiller: Bodega Bay, CA

Comments: Just used this scale at my last tournament. It was great highly recommend it.

From: Greg: Nova Scotia, Canada

Comments: I've had great success with this scale. I weighed a number of pike last weekend and it worked great. Don't let the look fool you, the clamp on the scale is very strong and held feisty pike in place. Unlike the previous poster, I've found this scale to be accurate. I weighed dumb bell weights and other random things and it was spot on. Compared to other scales I've used in the past, it is far superior. I highly recommend.

From: Nathan: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Comments: This scale is not accurate! I bought this scale and fished a KVD big bass tournament and it was over 1/4lb off, then I fished another tournament and weighed a fish and it said it was 4.60 and the tournament scale said it was 4.96, its a very nice scale and i love the design of the scale but its not accurate

From: Dustin: Arkansas

Comments: Great scale and like stated before the clip is alot stronger than it looks nice product from Rapala.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: I weighted several dumbell weights i had 2, 3, 5 8 and 10 pounds. weighed them all and went back after weighing the larger and the smaller weights were right on even going back and forth several times. Turned it off and reweighed them again next day-same weights. The bag can be thrown away if you are not looking for it and this is where the instructions are on a water resistant sheet, attached inside the bag.

From: Andy: Houma, LA

Comments: The plastic clip is a lot stronger than it looks in the picture. It will hold fish and they can wiggle all they want, but that grip will not let go as it swivels around while the fish is attached. I was upset when I first got it because it doesn't come with instructions, but you can download them off the Rapala site - http://www.rapala.com/products/tools/touch_screen_scale/  - so far they are fairly accurate to within a few hundredths of an ounce. When fish are that close, the cull beam comes out so it's not a problem!

From: Russ: Canton, GA

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