Rapala X-Rap

When Rapala introduced the X-Rap they not only brought a great new bait to the fishing community, they introduced an entire fishing system. The versatility of the X-Rap allows an angler to impart a number of fish catching actions in a single retrieve. The X- Rap triggers strikes when other baits fall short. Rapala matched the X-Rap with incredible color schemes and finishes that reflect light like baitfish found all across the country.

The X-Rap casts like a bullet, allowing you to make long casts. One tip from the Rapala Pro-Staff is to fish the X-Rap on braided line for those long cast situations. The fireline crystal works great for clear water situations when fish are spooky. Braided line will allow you to get maximum action and hook setting power when making long casts.

Rapala Length Weight Depth Class
X-Rap XR08 3 1/8" 1/4oz 3-5ft Suspending
X-Rap XR10 4" 7/16oz 4-6ft Suspending
X-Rap XR12 4-3/4" 3/4oz 4-8ft Suspending

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15 Colors

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    Model No. XR08AS
    Albino Shiner
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/4oz 5+ $8.99
    7/16oz 10+ $8.99
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    Model No. XR08CLN
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/4oz 5+ $8.99
    7/16oz 10+ $8.99
    3/4oz 5 $11.99
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    Model No. XR08GGH
    Glass Ghost
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/4oz 6 $8.99
    7/16oz 10+ $8.99
    3/4oz 5+ $11.99
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    Model No. XR10HP
    Hot Pink
    Size Stock Price Qty
    7/16oz 5+ $8.99
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    Model No. XR08MRL
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/4oz 5+ $8.99
    7/16oz 5+ $8.99
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    Model No. XR08MBS
    Moss Back Shiner
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/4oz 4 $8.99
    7/16oz 10 $8.99
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    Model No. XR08OG
    Olive Green
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/4oz 10+ $8.99
    7/16oz 10+ $8.99
    3/4oz 5+ $11.99
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    Model No. XR08P
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/4oz 03/04 $8.99
    7/16oz 10+ $8.99
    3/4oz 5+ $11.99
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    Model No. XR10PGH
    Purple Ghost
    Size Stock Price Qty
    7/16oz 10+ $8.99
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    Model No. XR08PG
    Purple Gold
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/4oz 5+ $8.99
    7/16oz 5+ $8.99
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    Model No. XR08RVP
    River Perch
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/4oz 5+ $8.99
    7/16oz 5+ $8.99
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    Model No. XR08SCP
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/4oz 5+ $8.99
    7/16oz 5+ $8.99
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    Model No. XR08S
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/4oz 10+ $8.99
    7/16oz 10+ $8.99
    3/4oz 4 $11.99
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    Model No. XR08SB
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/4oz 5+ $8.99
    7/16oz 5+ $8.99
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    Model No. XR08SLK
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/4oz 3 $8.99
    7/16oz 5+ $8.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've caught more fish on x-raps than any other hard lure I've ever used.  Everywhere I fish I always have at least 1 if not 2 rods with xr6's and xr8's tied up. These lures are absolutely irresistible to largemouth, smallmouth, snook,  and pretty much everything else. I fish with them all day for bass, go home and get the bigger rods and then use the xr14 for snook all night. Rip them as hard as you can to where you think your reel is going to fall apart, or just steady retrieve with pauses and twitches.  But either way, theres no wrong way to fish em'.

From: Bill - South Florida 2/19/17

Comments: Wonderful jerkbait. I've fished the 8 and 10, both catch bass. If it doesn't suspend out of the package just add a larger front or rear hook depending on which end rises in the water. Use cool water in a large bowl to test it. I fish it on spinning gear with Nanofil & an 8-10lb floro leader with a very small snap. Using the snap allows me to change the lure often until I find the size & color they want. A small snap wont effect the action. Feather trailer hook is a must!

From: John: Germantown, MD 3/14/16

Comments: Really great bait to pick up when the water temp drops. Absolutely love it and have had no problems with it but I think gamakatsu hooks could be an improvement

From: Mark: Tallahassee, FL 1/6/15

Comments: Love this lure suspends really good out of the box but change the hooks to gamakatsu

From: Daniel: USA 11/30/14

Comments: These X-Raps are my new go to hardbait. These things suspend like no other jerkbait I've fished. I just caught a 5 pound smallie full of eggs on this lure. My favorite color is the glass ghost. Don't hesitate to buy this lure.

From: Henry: Powhatan, VA 4/17/14

Comments: Just fished the XR10 in silver the other day for the first time. I caught a 20 and a half inch largemouth bass on my 5th cast of the day!!! Also caught a 23 inch walleye a few hours later. Its a great lure, I will be buying more XR10. I have been using the XR8 ever since the x-rap has existed. This bait catches practically every fish in the lake. White bass, largemouth, smallmouth, slab crappies, walleye, monster perch, pike, muskie, and even a catfish on the rare occasion.

From: Brian: Lanark, IL 4/10/14

Comments: Terrible. doesn't suspend and after my first fish the bill on my freakin $9 jerkbait broke. stick with the husky jerks or a luck e craft

From: Mitch: Sherwood, WI 4/6/14

Comments: By far the best jerk bait I've used for the price. I fish the Delta all the time and the only colors you need is Silver and Glass Ghost, they absolutely slay them in the winter time. When everyone else is scratching their heads to get bit, I throw this out and BOOM! You won't be disappointed with this lure. The feathers added to the tail trebles gives the bass a different look and they can't resist. Tight lines.

From: Juskivel: Delta, CA 3/29/14

Comments: I tried the X-Rap recently in Lake Conway here in Orlando. My color of choice is Olive Green. The water was gin clear, fishing the docks and shoreline by boat. Schools of minnows everywhere. First cast.....5 bass following it. I twitch hard and everyone of them went for it but only one prevailed :). Caught 13 bass and 4 chain pickerel that day on it in 2 hours. Needless to say I was the one that got "Hooked" on it. Great Bait!!

From: Dwayne: Orlando, FL

Comments: I am a jerkbait junkie. It is by far, my favorite technique for catching smallmouth in the spring and fall. I own baits from all the high dollar companies, but I always find myself going back to my X-Raps. I've been told by many that when the bite gets tough, "they'll only eat a Megabass or an LC." Maybe I'm just lucky, but I haven't had anyone out produce me with either when I'm throwing an X-Rap. If you live on the east coast and fish smallies, you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't have a #10 Mossback Shiner tied on from October thru May.

From: Dave: Upperco, MD

Comments: Great jerk bait- the #6 in olive are deadly on white bass here in the great state of Kentucky. Get some because they will produce-- large mouth and small mouth love them too !!

From: Johnnie: Lancaster, KY

Comments: This bait has been an extremely good bait for any condition I come across. I've caught more fish on this bait then any other hard bait in my tackle. If you like to fish ripbaits this is a must have lure.

From: Wes: Gastonia, NC

Comments: these are great baits for the price! Some work better than others out of the package as far as suspending goes. But they flat catch fish for me from September - April! Beats the heck out of paying $25 for a megabass jerkbait

From: Jevin: TN

Comments: The best out there by far. Jerkbaits are my favorite lures to throw certain times of the year and this is always my go to bait. Unfortunately their to good and my buddies sneak into my tackle box and steal them.

From: Wesley: Lake Havasu City AZ

Comments: By far my favorite jerkbait. Extremely versatile always have it rigged up and fish it year round. I've caught a multitude of species on this bait and for those who question its toughness, just letting you know the 4 inch model had the backbone to tangle with a 24 pound muskie and still works like a charm. Favorite way to fish it is with a reel, jerk, jerk, pause technique. Killer lure.

From: Chase: Chardon, Ohio

Comments: The best jerk bait out there.

From: Eric: Everett, MA 

Comments: Absolutely the best lure in my box. Have over 50 in all sizes and colors. My buddies and I have caught over 200 walleyes in a two week period using the X-rap alone on a river in February and early march.

From: Ken: Southampton, PA, USA

Comments: Got the silver color, and went on the Indian River and cranked out schooling fish. First time I used this bad boy in the river, however a treble hook broke off on a pompano. Might just have to exchange the hooks when you buy one, or else that pompano was a man.

From: Adam: FL

Comments: i got one of these baits last summer and shortly after. In 5 casts i got 1 hit and a 17inch largemouth bass. Much more action all day. They work so good I had to go get another one the next day. The non-stop action inspired my buddy from Southern MN (Has a review below) that i was fishin with to go get 1. For me the Albino Shiner and Clown color work great. Best fished in shallow weeds and rocks. Even good for eye's at night.

From: Josh: MN

Comments: I own every color and during the small window of rip bait season, when the water gets down in the 50 range. I guarantee this bad a** bait will be on my line. I found several at a yard sale recently practically new, bought all of them $3.

From: Brandon: Gastonia, NC

Comments: I know TW is more Bass-intended, but this product is the number one bait I have ever used for Saltwater, under dock lights. I have had to retire many of these, one on the keychain, the others on an "outdoor" shelf I have. I have never had a problem with hook ups, and the hooks have never failed me; they had to lift some 3lb+ speckled trout 20ft in the air. I have caught numerous White Bass, and many Largemouth Bass, too. I would rate a 5/5, and either always have one tied on, or have it in my box, where ever I go. Clown, Moss back Shiner, Perch, Olive green, and silver have all caught fish, and have all been recomended to friends.

From: Jake: C. TX

Comments: Seriously one of the best rip baits out there. I own about 12 and they have all caught fish. Rapala did this one right. Gangsta!

From: meatWad: watching the wind blow

Comments: I recently purchased the x-rap and it is great! I caught 2 15-18in bass right off shore in a matter of 5 minutes. It is one of the best shallow suspending lures out there. I recomend this to anyone who doesn't have one!!

From: Tori: Southern MN

Comments: I fish from shore for bass, & this bait is a winner. During the summer after the morning bite ends for me I tie on a XR10.I catch the bass that are waiting on edge of flats that break into deaper water in the depth of 4 to 6 feet.The water clarity being 1.5 to 2 feet visibility.I use the bright coolors & jerk this bait hard sweeping my rod upwards after short pauses. This keeps the bait from digging into the bottom and it produces a crazy zigging action that gets some hard strikes!

From: Dean: Novato, CA

Comments: I just got done using this lure in Black Lake NY, and crushed the largemouth, smallmouth, and northern pike. Jerk it hard and fast the first few pulls to get the depth, and then slower more violent twitches there after. I wasn't keeping count, but I'm guessing about 250-300 fish in six days of fishing. Awesome Lure!!!

From: John: NJ

Comments: The finish on the X-rap is outstanding and looks amazing coming through the water. So far I only caught pickerel on it, but on a side note, they did hit it like a ton of bricks. Bottom line, I will pick another one of these in a different size and color.

From: Joesph: Syracuse, NY

Comments: If I had to fish one jerkbait for the rest of my life, this would be the one. It is a beast. Casts well, very durable, great long lasting finish. Every one that i own has ran true and suspended perfect.

From: Tim: TX

Comments: Great bait and in my opinion they are better than the lucky crafts and half the price!

From: Tyler: Cincinnati, Ohio

Comments: This is my go to bait in the spring time when the bass are suspended. Ive caught the most fish on this lure than on any other. Worth every penny. I recommend it 100%

From: Richard: Mendota, IL

Comments: Most deadly lure on the market hands down. You want pike largemouth and smallmouth in canada? I suggest using this. Produces lots of fish in little time.

From: Austin: NJ

Comments: This bait in the silver/blue is deadly! Even in cold water temps. Caught many quality bass and a 15# northern on this badboy within 2 hours fishing yesterday in 45 degree water! Jerk hard and let it suspend for a couple seconds between. Thats when they will hit.

From: Chris: Rochester, MI

Comments: Great lure, always catchin'em on the clown color. Caught about ten bass over 3lbs in 1 days worth of fishin. Definitally recomend the clown color.

From: H.D.: Texas, USA

Comments: I've caught a 100 bass on this bait!  Jerk it fast and hard and hold on---they tear it up!

From: Bunker: VA, USA

Comments: What a great lure! it very versitile, not too expensive, and casts like a dream! i use them in the canals for tarpon, the inlets for snook, the flats for trout and reds, and then take them home and produce vicous strikes from large bass in very small ponds. i have had the most luck with the glass ghost, olive green, and purple gold colors! definetly a lure worth trying!

From: A.J.: Florida, USA

Comments: Unbelievable bait, I use nothing else. The XR08 has landed many fish including...now get this!!!Pickeral. small mouth, large mouth, musky and even a CHANNEL CAT all in the same location. Just incredible.

From: Harry: Oshawa Ont. Canada

Comments: Everytime I tie this bait on I have complete confidence that I'm going to catch quality fish.

From: Destin: Erie. PA

Comments: This is a fun lure to fish with. It casts well and it performs well. My stock is constantly needing to be replenished due to hooking monster pike with it that end up breaking my line. Each different pattern and color that I've gotten have produced fish. If fishing a lake with pike in it, I'd recommend a steel leader when using this bait.

From: Eric: Michigan, USA

Comments: Great jerk bait maybe even better than the husky jerk.

From: Brian: Quincy, MA 

Comments: I've had excellent results with the clown color at the spillway, catching snook from 8-15 lbs. I twitch it quickly to keep it diving and breaking water.

From: Harry: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Comments: Caught a fish on the second cast out of the box but doesn't like using artificial tried it and first cast he hooked one. To me this bait is magic i love it.

From: Brendan Jr.: Lisbon, OH

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