Rapala X-Rap Sub Walk

Rapala X-Rap Sub Walk

For the first time, apply the walk-the-dog style technique below the water surface. Cast it out, let it sink and get ready to see Rapala's X-Rap attitude of this rebel of the water come to life. Begin twitching your rod tip and watch Rapala's X-Rap Subwalk dive into sub-surface hunting mode but don't relax, because you're in for one exciting day on the water.

Rapala Length Weight Depth
X-Rap 3.5" 5/8oz 0-4ft

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

5 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I purchased this lure as a second option to my Spooks. Bass get conditioned to the same type of lures and I thought a walk the dog action sub-surface would be great. I've only fished it twice and have learned how to control the depth. Caught an 18" 3lb bass this morning. I will be throw it more often now. My advise is to learn how to work it and rotate it with your topwater walkers.

From: John: Germantown, MD 7/9/15

Comments: I bought one of these last fall, didn't get to try it. Thought I would try it this past spring, as soon as the water hit 50 degrees it was GAME ON. All I can say is I had one fantastic spring. I did catch bass (largemouth and smallmouth) all season long, I highly recommend trying one of these prespawn.

From: Howard: PA 11/28/14

Comments: ALL I can say is WOW. This lure is amazing, niice walk the dogsubsurfacr, when chuggers won't do, this is it. I fish barramundi and my favourite colour is hot steel, sadly TW doesnt carry this colour. This lure produces for me, and just today, 5casts got me 3 barras. A beautiful lure by rapala..

From: Joshua: australia

Comments: Nice LMB in freshwater and big snook, small/medium tarpon in saltwater will crush this lure. When the fish won't commit to a topwater spook, shoot a back up subwalk out there and walk it subsurface for the take.  Once you get the slow, gliding cadence of the retrieve down, the fish will let you know it. Use a good loop knot. Chartreuse ghost, glass ghost and olive green have all produced for me.  There is a rumor that Rapala will be discontinuing these in 2014, get some now!

From: SE FL

Comments: This lure is amazing- I use the 15 size for stripers along the coast of maine. I can tailor the retrieve to either splash across the top, dance around just under the surface, or slowly twitch along a couple feet under. extremely effective lure overall, and it has a tough body that handles ledge and rocky shorelines well. The only real problem is the hooks. bBasically they suck- the rear hook is fairly strong, and can handle a big striper, but the front hook is a joke. I've had them either break off, or even come back crushed flat from the bite of the fish- Rapala you fix the hook problem and you'll have another lure for the ages.

From: Kevyn: New Gloucester, ME

Comments: This lure is a prime plug for stripers and other predator species alike. Caught stripers and I mean close to 2500 in the past 3 years from 1-26lbs on this lure not to mention pig smallies, largies, trout, muskies, and even big panfish. Pearl seems to work best.

From: Kenan: Bullhead City, AZ

Comments: These are great baits if the fish are not commiting to a topwater. They actually look like a hard plastic version of the infamous "Corky". Made here in Texas by Paul Brown (Houston, TX) for a long time until he sold the company to Mirrolure. They are soft plastic and suspend. They were designed to catch Redfish and Seatrout. I still have a bunch of the originals and would not give them up for anything. These are a great alternative. Great baits.

From: Rusty: TX, Whre else?

Comments: Great bait! i use it just like a walk the dog bait but slower. it does more of a glide then i side to side action but works just as good. nice bait!

From: Matt: IL

Comments: A fantastic lure! Off of my dock, i caught several bass and a northern pike in about 15 minutes. I now throw these almost 100% of the time where i would ordinarily throw a Spook. I have had the most success on the gold color, which i don't believe is available on Tackle Warehouse.

From: Nico, MI

Comments:  I actually bought a number of these lures when they first released.  I caught a number of nice bass on them on my local lake.  They work great on schooling bass. The problem is that I have so many other baits that I dont give them the attention they deserve.  Imagine a Zara Spook that walks just under the surface. That is exactly how this bait performs. I had the most success on the Olive Green color.

From: Thomas: Columbia, SC

Comments:  my buddy was throwing this for bass on some shallow stumpy flats and started a pike frenzy!!  He caught one and got bit off 3 times, losing all of his sub walks within 15 minutes.  I was throwing shallow cranks and got nothing!  was it a fluke...   well I'm gonna buy some of these and find out!!!

From: Leif: MI, USA

Comments: I impulsively bought this lure a year ago because it was a Rapala and it was a new Rapala. I like all Rapala lures. Until I met this one. I suppose it does everything it is designed to do. But in terms of fun, it's not. It's rather boring. It's really heavy, so it casts far. But then, torpedoes are heavy. And in terms of a torpedo, this lure has the action of one, fishes like one, and does everything a torpedo would do except explode. It also doesn't catch fish, but in my opinion, that is user error over lure error. It's hard to catch fish on a lure you don't like.

From: Eric

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