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Reaction Innovation's creativity has once again developed a bait that will put fish in the boat when others baits can't. The Big Dipper is a larger version of its popular cousins - the Skinny and Little Dippers. Effective in and around all types of structure, when you're faced with vegetation you can rig the Big Dipper weedless and swim it over grass beds, or add weight to the hook, and swim it through sumbmerged weeds. The slender design of the Big Dipper coupled with the paddle tail creates a vibration in the water that bass cannot resist, and its larger size will help attract those bigger bites. For a different look, try the Reaction Innovations Big Dipper, you won't be disappointed.

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6" 4
Bad Shad
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Reaction Innovations Big Dipper Swimbaits

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  • Bad Shad
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  • Bull Frog
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  • California 420
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  • Houdini
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  • Light Hitch
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  • Lime Ice Green
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  • Money Shot Green
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  • Pearl Blue Shad
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  • Sexy Shad
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  • Spanish Fly
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  • Sungill
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  • Watermelon Green Pumpkin
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  • White Trash
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Comments: Just a good as the regular dipper, but cast farther, sinks faster and has incredible action.  This bait is great for deep water and drop offs and catches all sizes of fish, but I can honestly say all the fish I have caught average 3 pounds.

From: Dave: FL

Comments:  These things are pretty big, way bigger then the 5 inch but fish still eat em.

Comments:This big swimbait is great. Bought 6 packs today at a tackle shop and they are pretty durable. They have nice action and you can still swim them over hydrilla like a horny toad.

From:Kelly: Port Charlotte, FL

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