Reaction Innovations Kinky Beaver 7pk

Reaction Innovations Kinky Beaver 7pk

Reaction Innovations has done it again with the introduction of the new Kinky Beaver. Building upon the successful design of the original Sweet Beaver, one of the winningest and most popular flipping baits ever made, the Kinky Beaver features the same ribbed body and tear drop appendages.

But that’s where the similarities end. The Kinky Beaver also comes equipped with two large profile flappers with thick wedges protruding from their outer edges, which combined with two long antennae extending out between them, creates a whole new level of fish attracting action. The thick wedges on the claws help them catch water on the fall and kick wildly, while also slowing the bait's rate of fall slightly - for more time in the strike zone.

Available in the same killer colors that have been catching fish and cashing checks across the Country, the Reaction Innovations Kinky Beaver is destined to be another favorite from one the premier soft plastic companies - Reaction Innovations.

Length Quantity
5" 7

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18 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've caught largemouth, smallmouth, pike and walleye on these. Rig it any way you want, it just flat out catches fish. Can be hopped of bottom or swam, slow or fast. A great northern coldwater bait.

From: Jay: Montreal, Canada 6/30/16

Comments: This bait is not only great for flipping but is absolutely deadly swimming it like a spinnerbait. I've caught so many fish on this lure it's insane.

From: Jody: AL 4/2/15

Comments: This is my go to bed fishing bait in the shallows. The to tails kick on the drop and rigged on a swivel lead head with a 4/0 hook. Puts big fish in the live well. Hematoma and Sprayed Grass have worked best for me.

From: Fish: SD 12/4/14

Comments: Definitely my go to bait. Have caught quality fish while my partner could not by a bite. Blacklight and Hematoma are 2 of my favorites however they all seem to catch fish.

From: Kandie: Canyon Lake 8/26/14

Comments: threw 4 different colors today. Caught fish on each one when my partner couldn't bye a bite. Thanks R.I. For a great bait! Texas rigged with a 1/4oz weight is straight butter!

From: Stone: Charlotte, NC 6/1/14

Comments: This bait just puts fish in the boat. Bought some at the classic last year and I ALWAYS had one tied on. If I needed a bite I could depend on it.

From: Jeff: Pleasant Hill, MO

Comments: Texas rigged with a 3/8 weight, straight butterrrrrr

From: Nate: Ashburnham,Mass

Comments: I fished this bait all summer on Lake Minnetonka and it never let me down. Flippin' with a 3/8 oz weight and 4/0 hook got the job done!! Dirty Sanchez kills it!!!

From: James: Lake Minnetonka, MN

Comments: Good bait when you need a little more action than the original.  It's been really effective and is a good compliment to the Sweet Beaver.  I'm stocking up.

From: Justin: SC

Comments: idk i must have got a bad pack or something but mine had no action. any tips?

From: Bodee: St. Augustine, FL

Comments: Puts fish in the boat and is pretty durable.  Same as the regular beavers but with more action.  Great Summer time bait!

From: Pete: MN

Comments: The flipping bite has been very slow on my lake using original sweet beavers lately. I bought some of these on a whim, and the fish tore them up. It won't replace the original beaver, but will be a good change up when they want something with a little more action or the water has some color to it.

From: Basswipe: Meatwads pond

Comments: Just got a 22.25" largemouth on this bait (along with a number of large fish).  It worked when others did not.  I was in heavy cover all day and didn't come close to finishing up a pack--tough bait.

From: Dean: Apple Valley, MN

Comments: I don't see the big deal with these baits. Tried them texas rigged and weightless. The action is lacking... Also, to Juan I saw your snakehead and it was a monster but unfortunately the record will be broke officially soon.

From: G: Woodbridge, VA

Comments: Awesome, simply awesome!From someone that has been fishing the original sweet beaver, having the action now like a brush hog but with the simple action of a beaver, makes this bait extremely hard to put down.

From: Al: MO, USA

Comments: This is the bait I caught the unofficial world record snakehead on! Me and my buddies catch a lot of bass with them on the potomac river and snakeheads can't put it down!

From: Juan: Annandale, VA

Comments: This is a great bait ! I only wish they made this bait in a 3 1/2" size . I went down a bank filled with laydowns and flipped this bait and caught 3 bass in the 2-2 1/2 range then I put on a 3 1/2"  sweet beaver and went down the same bank and caught one 3lbs and four between 1.5 and 2.5 lbs. on Tourney night Ill flip the smaller beaver to catch a quick limit and then pick the kinky up and look for a kicker. RI has done it again.

From: Debeaux: Waccamaw River, SC

Comments: My new favorite flipping bait! Took these out the other day and caught 30+ bass on beds, with a few reaching the 4lb mark

From: Minooka, IL

Comments: Good side: This thing downright catches em... Bad side: only got two to three bites per bait and the nose was blown out on both sides... 

From: Michael: Holland, MI

Comments: if you like the first beavers, this one is a killer!

From: Godzilla: CA Delta

Comments: Got them today and they look pretty sweet!!!!! Cant wait to flip 'em this summer.

Comments: This bait just down right catches the fish I get the Hematoma color and flip into the brush and trees and you must hold your rod tight cause you will always get a fish with these.

From: Brandon: North Port, FL

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