Rebel Poppin Frog Topwater Popper

Rebel Poppin Frog Topwater Popper

On any body of water where frogs are targeted by bass, the Rebel Poppin’ Frog will put fish in the boat. The concave mouth design of the Rebel Poppin’ Frog creates a devastating commotion on the surface with its splashing and chugging action. Built with a realistic juvenile frog profile, the Rebel Popping Frog comes in a variety of amphibian colors that are sure to generate heart-stopping blow-ups. 

Rebel Length Weight Class
Poppin Frog 1-7/8" 3/16oz Topwater

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I like Rebel poppers. The Pop-R has caught me many tight lipped Bass. I saw this cool looking frog from Rebel, so I wanted to give it a try. I do not know what it was about this lure, but it kept wanting to dig into the water instead of pop like the Pop-R's do. I used the same rig I always use for my other top-water gear, but could not get the action I wanted. I might try the Pop'N-Frog on a light action rod instead of the med I used. Anyhow, first time out was not what I wanted, but will always give lures a second try.

From: River: Phoenix, AZ 5/21/14

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