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On any body of water where frogs are targeted by bass, the Rebel Poppin’ Frog will put fish in the boat. The concave mouth design of the Rebel Poppin’ Frog creates a devastating commotion on the surface with its splashing and chugging action. Built with a realistic juvenile frog profile, the Rebel Popping Frog comes in a variety of amphibian colors that are sure to generate heart-stopping blow-ups. 

Rebel Length Weight Class
Poppin Frog 1-7/8" 3/16oz Topwater

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Rebel Poppin Frog

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  • Bullfrog
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  • Cricket Frog
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  • Leopard Frog
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  • Swamp Frog
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Comments: I like Rebel poppers. The Pop-R has caught me many tight lipped Bass. I saw this cool looking frog from Rebel, so I wanted to give it a try. I do not know what it was about this lure, but it kept wanting to dig into the water instead of pop like the Pop-R's do. I used the same rig I always use for my other top-water gear, but could not get the action I wanted. I might try the Pop'N-Frog on a light action rod instead of the med I used. Anyhow, first time out was not what I wanted, but will always give lures a second try.

From: River: Phoenix, AZ 5/21/14

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