River2Sea Bubble Walker

Don’t let the beauty confuse you, the Bubble Walker is a walking bait with a concave mouth to leave a bubble trail and tungsten rattles to attract the big ones where three premium trebles will grab them. Given the chance she will sashay her way into your tackle box; Bubble Walker will lure them in, and knock them dead.

River2Sea Length Weight Class Hooks
Bubble Walker 80 3" 1/2oz Surface #4 Daiichi (BN) Trebles
Bubble Walker 128 5" 1 1/4oz Surface #2/#4/#2 Daiichi (BN) Trebles

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5 Colors

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    Model No. PL-BW80-G54R
    Abalone Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    80 4 $9.99
    128 5+ $12.99
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    Model No. P-BW80/G55R
    Size Stock Price Qty
    80 2 $9.99
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    Model No. PL-BW80-549
    Size Stock Price Qty
    80 3 $9.99
    128 4 $12.99
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    Model No. PL-BW80-G58R
    Size Stock Price Qty
    80 4 $9.99
    128 1 $12.99
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    Model No. PL-BW80-G52R
    You Know It
    Size Stock Price Qty
    80 5+ $9.99
    128 5+ $12.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Just an update from my previous review:  I just got back from Lake El Salto in Mexico, where the top water bite was insane.  The guides were recommending poppers, but I didn't have one.  I used the bubble walker as a popper.  It spit water big time and came up with a "bloop" or two.  I honestly can't remember how many I caught, but the smallest was about five pounds, the biggest ten!  My only criticism is the front hook tended to hang up often.  But, with these results, I'll live with it.b

From: Joe: Bellingham, WA 12/4/14

Comments: I ordered the 128 in chartreuse shad to fish for spotted bass i was really surprised by how much bigger it was then what i thought it would be. the next day i went out to a local reservoir and caught 6 spotted bass over 3 pounds one of which was 5.2 pounds! this bait slays and fish love it since then i have caught numerous 4+ pound spots.

From: Jed: CA

Comments: Not so impressed by the paint job. But these Korean baits are pretty good for the price. I stick with Megabass Pop-X, tho.

Comments: I got this bait because I wanted a noisy surface lure that might pull some smallmouth up from the depths.  It worked.  I used the ghost minnow.  You can cast it a mile, it walks great, and the fish all seem to want to kill it!

From: Joe: Bellingham, WA

Comments: these are good baits. along with the bubble popper the workmanship is superior. put a coat of 'hard as nails' on the eyes before you use them and the eyes will not fall out. this goes for any plastic eyed bait

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: i love this lure works fantastic i caught 10 fish on it and finally lost it on a branch :( but i wil lget another one get aurora black.

From: Kodee: Palmdale, CA

Comments: very good bait works well, eyes fall out really fast though but dont think that will matter

From: Matt: IL

Comments:  I have several of these and they work great.  I use the 80.  The side to side walking action coupled with the popping effect does the trick - bass nail this thing.  Can't wait for the Dahlberg FROG to come out...

From: John: San Diego, CA

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