River2Sea Ish Monroe Biggie Square Bill Crankbait

Built to bump and grind - the River2Sea Ish Monroe Biggie Square Bill Crankbaits are highly detailed square-bill cranks designed by Bassmaster Elite Series veteran, Ish Monroe, and River2Sea. Delivering a unique vibration pattern all their own, they are available in two sizes, Poppa (2-5/8”) and Smalls (2-1/4”), as well as, Bumpin’ Rattle (knocking rattle) and Creepin’ (silent) versions. The Bumpin’ Rattle versions are fast floaters that will rise quickly when paused, while the Creepin’ versions are slow floaters that will suspend and rise slowly for a more subtle presentation. Perfect for fishing all types of shallow cover, Ish also made sure the Biggie Crankbaits had just the right size hooks for the task at hand. The Poppa features super sharp River2Sea #2 trebles, and the Smalls comes equipped with #4 size River2Sea trebles. Available in a range of proven colors handpicked by Ish, himself, when you throw the River2Sea Ish Monroe Biggie Square Bill Crankbaits the sky’s the limit. Biggie - Your Lures Hypnotize Me!

River2Sea Biggie Length Weight Class Class
Smalls - Bumpin' 2-1/4" 5/16oz 2-4ft Fast Floating
Smalls - Creepin' 2-1/4" 3/8oz 2-4ft Slow Floating
Poppa - Bumpin' 2-5/8" 9/16oz 3-5ft Fast Floating
Poppa - Creepin' 2-5/8" 5/8oz 3-5ft Slow Floating

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12 Colors

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    Model No. IM-BEPA67BR-13
    TW Delta Red
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Poppa Bumpin' 10+ $6.99
    Smalls Bumpin' 5 $9.99
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    Model No. IM-BEPA57BR-14
    TW Sunfish
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Smalls Bumpin' 10+ $9.99
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    Model No. IM-BEP67BR-12
    TW Tilapia
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Poppa Bumpin' 06/02 $6.99
    Smalls Bumpin' 10+ $9.99
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    Model No. IM-BEPA67BR-05
    Abalone Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Poppa Bumpin' 7 $9.99
    Smalls Bumpin' 10+ $9.99
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    Model No. IM-BEPA67BR-06
    Cold Blooded
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Poppa Bumpin' 10+ $9.99
    Smalls Bumpin' 8 $9.99
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    Model No. IM-BEPA67BR-15
    Delta Craw
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Poppa Bumpin' 10+ $9.99
    Smalls Bumpin' 10 $9.99
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    Model No. IM-BEPA67BR-03
    I Know It
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Poppa Bumpin' 10+ $9.99
    Smalls Bumpin' 7 $9.99
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    Model No. IM-BEPA67BR-016
    Lemon Drop
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Poppa Bumpin' 6 $9.99
    Smalls Bumpin' 3 $9.99
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    Model No. IM-BEPA67BR-09
    Real Perch
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Poppa Bumpin' 9 $9.99
    Smalls Bumpin' 06/07 $9.99
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    Model No. IM-BEPA67BR-010
    Real Sunfish
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Poppa Bumpin' 10+ $9.99
    Smalls Bumpin' 10+ $9.99
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    Model No. IM-BEPA57BR-07
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Smalls Bumpin' 06/02 $9.99
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    Model No. IM-BEPA67BR-01
    TS Minnow
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Poppa Bumpin' 8 $9.99
    Smalls Bumpin' 4 $9.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I can't speak for bass yet, but used it inshore the last two years and caught drum and striped bass. The hooks were not only strong, but also held up well for the salty conditions. I love it's weight and it rarely tangles on casting. I'm here to buy more.

From: Eric: Raleigh, NC 2/10/15

Comments: There is no squarebill crank that I have more confidence in. The delta craw biggie bumpin flat out catches em on the delta, Clearlake and any body of water you can bump. The standard hooks are solid, I've been using the same bait for a few months now and no sign of them bending at all. The teeth marks from multiple bass are about the only sign of use on this bait!

From: Ricky: Hercukes, CA 10/10/14

Comments: I have to say I've owned just about every square bills shallow crank baits out there. The most successful by far is this biggie square bill. It doesn't which color you get, it will catch bass for you. I owned just about every color that they has here. Why? because it catches fish! You must have if not all at least one in your arsenal. Great square bill.

From: Brian: San Pablo, CA 5/26/14

Comments: Best square bill made, period!  Wasnt catching them on a Strike King KVD and switched over to this one in Delta Craw and in Da Heater colors and put three in the boat within an hour....great action, highly recommended!

From: Adam: Charlotte, NC 3/31/14

Comments: Absolutely love this lure! The wiggle/wobble is so aggressive! And the rattling is solid! Abalone is my favorite so far! Gonna try some creepers next! Buy this crankbait!!!!

From: Ben: Fresno, CA 3/19/14

Comments: OMG, My local pond has super pressured bass and no one can get one on anything but baits and I got skunked like three trips in a row so i thought why not through a crank... 4 bass in 7 casts... you may think I hit a school but the were all near different tules so I dought that they were schooling. By far the best crank bait I have ever used or even seen

From: Michael: San Jose ca

Comments: One word, AWESOME bait Ish. It will catch you tons of bass. I give it a ten. The paint chips after you catch some bass,maybe fix the paint so it won't chip, but still works fine. Thanks

From: Nathan: Brooktondale, NEW YORK

Comments: 3rd cast with the poppa bumpin in cold blooded caught a 5+ pounder. hooks are sharp and strong. don't really see needing to change them out of the package.

From: Chris: fallbrook,california

Comments: Real nice square bill, runs as expected straight out of the package with little tuning necessary. Cold Blooded, rattling, is perfect for light stained to stained water..really calls em' out! If I'm fishing over about 7ft I am religous about adding Suspend Dots to mine to really put it down there in warm water right at those suspended fish, change the hooks to Owner Stinger trebbles and it'll add twice as much confidence to this bait.

From: Mike: GA

Comments: I had not heard much about this bait so I decided to try one out. Glad I did! This thing is tough, I hit the rocks a few times thinking the bill was a goner for sure but it has held up fine, Ive never even needed to tune it. The hooks are nice and beefy. Its got a nice wiggle and the fish eat it. My favorite model so far is the silent smalls in ts minnow, great bait for a quick limit.

From: Badas: Cullman, AL

Comments: Have great control over this lure. The one im going to grab if im looking to fish a shallow water. The only square bill with an amazing swimming action. Planning on buying more!

From: Joey: Phoenix, AZ

Comments: On my first trip out after buying the "real sunfish" color(poppa bumpin)  i whacked 'em shallow on this bait as i believe the bass were feeding on bluegill and this lil bait is as good as it gets. I was in a tournament and culled many times my partner finally took the rod from me and on his first cast hooked up!  I since have ordered more! get ya some!!!!!!!

From: Marty: Tucson, AZ

Comments: Abalone Shad in Smalls: Great SqBill! Cast a mile, never fouls, and because it rises fast it's easy to manipulate over cover and run to different depths over humps and grass. Took this thing to a local pond and the bass were SLAMMING it. Nice job River2Sea.

From: Basshick: South, AL

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