Bedding bass are naturally aggressive, yet sometimes a small predator will only attract the ire of the smallest of the pair. Use River2Sea's new Nest Raider to bring out the mean nature of big spawning females. Put Nest Raider into the bed, find the sweet spot and keep it wiggling, and let the design do the rest. Nest raider has a specially shaped contoured head, a giant hook and a flotation feature in the tail to make this bait look like a lizard or waterdog that is robbing the nest blind. When the big female gets mad and strikes, you must drive the hook home with authority. This is a close quarters battle of wills, and with Nest Raider, you're bound to win. 

Length Weight Quantity
5" 3/4oz 2
7" 2oz 1

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: so i went to diamond valley lake throwing only swimbaits and i pull up to this point and make a cast with a hudd. have this pig nose up on it like a 7 pounder. i look to the left and theres a male about 3 pounds. so i think is he on a bed ? i drop a nest raider in front of him and pop it only once and he crushed it hard. if your going to fish beds [ p.s. i try to avoid it, but a 9 pounder is tempting] then use this lizard in red bellied and the 5 inch.

From: Tyler: CA

Comments: Its not spawn yet but the newts and salamanders have already started laying eggs. I decided to try this and found it was the only thing they would bite! Even the salamanders followed it. Its a great lure for clear water and can be fished nearly anywhere, in the grass, reeds, and log jams. In fact I ran into a real nice bass round some trees, unfortunatly he fell off but I saw his belly and it was fat! Weedguard is also adjustable but may slide up and down. The only problem I saw was that the tail didn't wiggle unless it was really cranked, which got some big strikes.

From: Braedyn: Middlebury, PA

Comments: Absolutely amazing on the beds.  Fish were much more responsive to these than any soft plastic lizard imitation I could find.  they really slam it. Cal tiger especially.

From: Kris: Fort Worth, TX

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