River2Sea S-Waver - $15.99 to $45.99

Swimbaits continue to leave a major footprint on the fishing industry, and River2Sea's new S–Waver is set to make her mark. Featuring a natural "S-Action" swimming motion, S-Waver will seductively wake the surface and call big gamefish in for a closer look. Hold your rod tip up and S–Waver is a surface lure, allow the bait to slowly sink and the S-Action continues under water. The S-Action swimming motion is created by River2Sea's exclusive Pin and Tenon Hinge and accentuated by her soft PVC tail. That seductive wake will only be interrupted by the explosion of a massive strike.

River2Sea Length Weight Depth Class
S-Waver 120 4-3/4" 13/16oz 0-1ft Sinking
S-Waver 168s 6-3/4" 1-5/8oz 0-1ft Sinking
S-Waver 200 8" 3-1/2oz 0-1ft Sinking

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Abalone Shad
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River2Sea S-Waver

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  • Abalone Shad
    Size Stock Price Qty
    120 $15.99
    168S $18.99
    200 $45.99
  • Baby Bass
    Size Stock Price Qty
    120 $15.99
    168S $18.99
  • Bluegill
    Size Stock Price Qty
    120 $15.99
    168S $18.99
  • Bone
    Size Stock Price Qty
    120 $15.99
    168S $18.99
  • I Know It
    Size Stock Price Qty
    200 $45.99
  • Lite Trout
    Size Stock Price Qty
    168S $18.99
    200 $45.99
  • Mr. Magu
    Size Stock Price Qty
    200 $45.99
  • Party Crasher
    Size Stock Price Qty
    120 $15.99
    168S $18.99
    200 $45.99
  • Rainbow Trout
    Size Stock Price Qty
    168S $18.99
    200 $45.99
  • Warden Hitch
    Size Stock Price Qty
    120 $15.99
    168S $18.99
    200 $45.99
  • Yellow Perch
    Size Stock Price Qty
    168S $18.99
  • You Know It
    Size Stock Price Qty
    120 $15.99
    168S $18.99
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Customer Reviews Back to Top

Comments: Amazing action, amazing price, good colors, a must buy! Helicopters on the cast and change the stock hooks but all in all it gets the fish in the boat.

From: Mason: Houston, TX 10/25/15

Comments: best glide bait for the buck hands down.  a 15lb+ striper broke mine line and took this bait with it.  I ve caight many stripers with this lure.  don't doubt this lures performance.

From: Striper King: USA 8/31/15

Comments: The action on this bait is unreal, the things it will do. It is a bit heavy but it is so smooth coming threw the water. By far it is my favorite glide bait.

From: Scott: Hiram, GA 5/21/15

Comments: I bought the 168S (Abalone Shad and Baby Bass) size & it is extremely easy to make it glide. I also bought the 120 (Party Crasher) size to target smallies, but it sinks like a ROCK. It is much more difficult to glide the 120 because of how fast it sinks (maybe I got a bad one?). On a medium-fast retrieve  the 120'will swim with a tight "glide". In my opinion if you are thinking of the 120 just get the 168s. The size difference isn't that big especially if you are targeting Largemouth & the quality/action is noticeably better. The only suggestion I'd have for the 168s is that you swap out the stock hooks. All around a solid lure well worth the price.

From: Daniel: MD 4/16/15

Comments: Great bait. I own a few and the ones i own all swim great and track true. The line tie on one of my baits was bent so i bent it back with pliers and now it swims perfect. If you dont know how to work glide baits then look up Tactical Bassin on youtube. They have a great tutorial on how to work the bait and how to turn followers into biters

From: Jbird: RI 2/12/15

Comments: For the price these are some of the best glide baits on the market, I really like Gan Crafts but they are a bit more expensive. I have all 3 sizes of the S-Waver and all 3 sizes get bit! For the price compared to Gan Crafts and iSlides its an amazing bait!!

From: Nick: Orange County, CA 1/26/15

Comments: These are great baits, HOWEVER, the action on these are extremely inconsistent. What I suggest is buy 5 or 6 and "test" the actions on them and pick the one or two that have the action I'm looking for and return the rest. I only buy the 168 and 200 size. The colors that have worked for me consistently in all conditions are the YELLOW PERCH and the HERRING. I have caught countless LMB, Spots and Stripers on these colors. 

From: Jay: Oakley, CA 11/30/14

Comments: awesome bait got crazy follow from smallmouth on the 168 half a dozen musky on the 200 caugth 3 walleye in 15 min from 3 1/2 to 8 pounds on the 200 ! like nolan said once you learn how to make them bite its on

From: QC: USA 9/22/14

Comments: Very effective bait- of the three 168's I own, they all have different swimming and waving actions- all for different conditions. Well worth buying a few and testing them to figure out which ones are best. One has a tight glide, one has a super wide walk-the-dog glide, and has has the perfect combination of both. Adding a split ring to the nose seems to hinder the action

From: CJ: OH 9/20/14

Comments: Caught my PB smallie @ 23" on the 168, it is an excellent bait, you just have to learn how to get followers to bite. Change out the hooks though, I had a 4lb largemouth straighten out a stock treble on it.

From: Nolan: VA 8/30/14

Comments: I've used this bait now for four months, the latest in a high pressure, cloudless sky, no shadows situation.  I caught five smallmouth in two hours, the biggest over four pounds. It's a proven winner for me.

From: Joe: Bellingham, WA 7/10/14

Comments: excellent bait. In the first 2 weeks I've had it I have a7.06 and an 8.02 on this bait plus numerous fish in the 1-4 pound range I mean little 12 inch fish are eating this thing it's awesome!

From: Chris: San Diego, CA 6/1/14

Comments: I have fished the 168 and the 200. I love them both and have caught some very nice fish on them both. The 200 seems intimidating because it's so large but I have caught some 3 lb on it so don't be afraid to throw it. You'll get a lot less bites on the 200 though but in my opinion I like it's glide a lot better than the 168. The 200 has a very long swing and it really calls the fish to it and it will get you a personal best if your patient. Don't buy into the gimmick of those 100 dollar plus baits. This bait, all though cheaper, swims well and catches em plus if your willing to spend that kind of money on one bait you will get 3 of these for the price of one. Only down fall is the durability it's plastic and doesn't like rocks once it's cracked it's history.  This bait is always on deck and rigged, it's killer. 

From: Jaime: Clovis, CA 5/28/14

Comments: This is a glide bait so they don't have the swim action like a TT or something they kind of just glide back and forth. This is the best "bang for your buck" glide there is out there.  All sizes get bit and the new 8in is a great lower cost glide bait to try out before you go head first into a $100+ bait. I own a few and always will.

From: George: So Cal 4/30/14

Comments: Awesome bait for the money... downside is the mass-produce garbage you get sometimes doesn't work.. Bought two rainbow trouts that had a perfect glide and ROF... Bought a two herrings and one wouldn't glide and the other sank faster than a rock. Now im very skeptical on buying anymore herring WHICH WAS MY FAVORITE COLOR!

From: Leroy: USA

Comments: Amazing bait. Just bought two in the Konanee color. Very productive for stripers and large mouth. Only thing I have to tell you need to upgrade the treble hooks. Although EXTREMELY sharp and sticky, they are by no means durable enough for what you can catch on this bait. Good job River2Sea on this one.

From: Brien: Castaic California

Comments: prolly my all time fav. Glide/swimbait to toss, infact I use this more n prefer it over my roman made n gancraft (not at all saying this is better then those 2, I just have A LOT of confidence in this lure) if u want this to float/wake then tie it on mono and keep ur rod tip high.DO NOT use braid, it kills the action of this lure n makes it sink.I caught a limit on this lure in 3 1/2 hours at a local tourn. winning with a 5 limit weight of just over 27 lbs...i start out tossing the 6" one if they arnt biting or just hitting it then I go to the small one, these work, work VERY well n for the price I keep a stock pile, my fav colors r party crasher, lite trout n midnight.

From: Steveo

Comments: I normally don't do reviews but this swimbait is so good I just had to review it , it swims so smooth and really does a perfect s-action you can even put slack in your line and jerk it one time and the bait will turn completely around do not by no means be fooled by the cheap price this swimbait competes with the deps and Romans honestly you can't beat it for the budget

From: James: 706,Georgia

Comments: Swims great but does not float.  I got the 4 inch model and it sinks like a Rattletrap.

From: Jason: San Jose, CA USA

Comments: Such a great lure! Awesome action in the water but spins so bad while casting. A must have lure overall

From: Joesph: Freetown MA

Comments: It tumbles a lot during the cast. Looks pretty good in the water though.

Comments: Best Hard swimbait for the money without a doubt. Anyone who throws swimbaits and hasn't tried one yet needs to.

From: Colby: Crofton, MD

Comments: Great bait overall!  For the price of it, its not hard to purchase a few of them.  But it sure doesn't float like it say's it does. 

From: Alec: Santa Rosa, CA

Comments: For the price...this is BY far one of the best swimbaits out there.  I have caught fish on both sizes.  I LOVE the S wave in any swimbait, but this one works great.  I would only suggest a heavier version so it could get down deeper faster.  This thing must be worked slow and steady...For the price buy a few colors !!!

From: Peter: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: used it on Clearlake ca last month wieghed in 26.5 lbs first day of the TOC

From: Pat: Arroyo Grande, CA

Comments: Love the action on this, have not had any real time on the water testing. I will be on the St. Lawrence for four days and plan to put this lure to the test.

From: NY

Comments: This is the first swimbait I could get a smallie to eat.They are deadly on big smallies.

From: Ron: Smokey Point, WA

Comments: This thing rocks on the smallmouth! Swim it...twitch twitch...kill it and HANG ON! Has been my most productive bait this year!

From: Jason: Washington, USA

Comments: Nice S action on a slow retrieve. Can be a bit mechanical. great overall lure.

From: Brent: Lockport, IL

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