River2Sea Spittin Wa Frog - $8.99 to $9.99

The River2Sea Spittin’ Wa Frog takes the proven keel shape of River2Sea’s Wa Frog and combines it with a unique cupped mouth, for a dynamic mixture of spittin’, chuggin’, and walkin’. The River2Sea Spittin’ Wa Frog is equipped with bubble-jets on the bottom of the mouth, which create an extraordinary bubble trail as it moves on top of the water.  As versatile as it is enticing, the River2Sea Spittin’ Wa Frog is an excellent walking frog. You can also use short, aggressive pops for a solid chugging sound. The hollow-body construction of the River2Sea Spittin’ Wa Frog quickly collapses upon being bit and exposes the razor-sharp points of River2Sea’s Black-Nickel Double Frog Hook. Available in a number of colors, the River2Sea Spittin Wa’ Frog is perfect for working across matted vegetation and open water to draw heart-pounding blow-ups.  

River2Sea Length Weight Hook
Spittin' Wa 55 2-1/4" 9/16oz 2/0 BN Double Frog 
Spittin' Wa 70 2-3/4" 7/8oz 4/0 BN Double Frog

Comments: My favorite bait to bass fish with. After some simple modifications the hook up ratio is top notch. I bend the hooks away from the body and bend them up a touch with pliers. Be careful not to smash the barbs though. You should be able to feel the hooks when you drag your finger across the back of the frog. Turn the drag off and keep constant pressure on when you land a fish. Any slack and the bass will trow the hook. I like to cast this bait as close to the shore as possible. If I don't get an immediate strike I will walk and pause it slowly. Once I get off the shore I will vary my retrieve to a harder walk and pop. Once I hit open water I chug it hard and pause it. The ability to very my retrieve brings bass in from far distances and up from the bottom. The holes in the cup leave a decent bubble trail too.  I highly recommend this lure in dirty white and poison.

From: Mike: Cleveland, OH 1/6/15

Comments: Great frog. Catches fish but not much different than a Boo Yah popping frog which is about half the price. Both are good, both catch fish, but the River2Sea cost almost double. Really sucks when a hungry Pike steals one.

From: Ray: PA 6/21/14

Comments: Like this frog a lot. Works well and flat out catches fish but its a little pricey. The Boo Yah popping frog works just as well is almost half the price. The lake I fish has big Pike and they like to smash frogs as well. Nothing like losing a $10 frog because of a stupid Pike.

From: Ray: PA 6/19/14

Comments:  Really awesome frog for open water, like near logs and on weed edges. But, not the same in lily pads. The mouth gets caught on the stems and tops a lot. Still one of the best frogs I've ever used and would definitely recommend.

From: Andrew: Potomac River 5/26/14

Comments: These frogs are money! Hook up ratio for me is 100% because I have two bites this morning and boated them both! 2 lb and a 4 lb bass. Floats and pops really well!  Didn't have to drain water out of this frog because there is a tiny whole in the back that does it for you. Poison color is deadly in the morning!

From: Vince: CA, Delta

Comments:  Not a huge R2S fan, but this frog is legit.  Casts well, "BLOOPS" like a Pop-R, splashes like a Splash-It depending how hard you pop it, walks; and has good hook up ratio.  Bait seems durable so far.  Mine does fill up with water, but not as bad as some frogs; and it easily squeezes out.  So far I like it and would buy more.

From: Ace: SoCal

Comments: it attracts lots of fish, both large and small.  Its slightly a larger profile than the bully wa, but I've always said, the bigger the bait the bigger the bait.  You will catch a fair amount of smaller ones as well.  They have new plastic shrink wrap around the hook where it comes out of the frog.  It makes it take less water in and stays afloat much longer.  There is also a pin size hole between the two legs where water is drained.  They have improved their frogs greatly. My only flaw with it is the design.  Do not throw this frog into heavy cover or try to skip it too much.  Though it is weedless, it takes more effort to get out of tules and up and over laydown because of the cupped lip. It pushes the whole frog back down on itself and can puncture itself with its own hooks.  Even though my first trip started with my frog puncturing itself, I must say it still floats well and I caught a couple bass on them.

From: Rinoman: norcal

Comments: Awesome bait. I got mine at Tacklewarehouse's store in SLO and took it out. It's description is very accurate as to its action, and I'm in love. Cast after cast and fish after fish the frog never fills with water and casts perfectly every time. Would recommend to anybody!

From: Sean: San Luis Obispo, Ca

Comments: i Have not been able to use the frogs yet but i have to say they look really sharp.The hook have a very wide gap between them probably for better hook ups and the frog is versoft.

From: Devin: NJ

Comments: River2sea did a great job on this frog! it's well made, and has all the qualities you love in frog fishing. it's hollow body has a little give in it so when those bass bite down ,the hooksets are certain. One thing I did notice was that the 70 size IS pretty big. I own a few different brand of frogs but this one is the biggest. I'd recommend using it in lakes rather than ponds...it might scare the fish. When the 50 size comes out, I'm definetly getting it :)

From: Paul: Sebring, FL

***Note: If you have questions about this product or need assistance with an order please email your questions to info@tacklewarehouse.com

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River2Sea Spittin Wa Frog

6 Available Colors

  • Bream
    Size Stock Price Qty
    55 $8.99
    70 $9.99
  • Coot
    Size Stock Price Qty
    55 $8.99
    70 $9.99
  • Copper Green
    Size Stock Price Qty
    55 $8.99
    70 $9.99
  • Dirty White
    Size Stock Price Qty
    70 $9.99
  • I Know It
    Size Stock Price Qty
    55 $8.99
  • Leopard
    Size Stock Price Qty
    70 $9.99