Yabbie is the Japanese word for what we call a crawfish and this exciting bait is unmistakably a crawdad. The River2Sea's Stand'n Yabbie are molded around a weighted tail section and a strong, ultra-sharp hook for a compact, realistic craw bait that is catching fish everywhere. The Standing Yabbie will present a defensive, claws-up posture when at rest due to the buoyancy of the front section, which will also cause the bait to rock back and forth with only the slightest movement of your line. These best-sellers are useful for every sized bass, in every body of water, from smallmouth in clear streams to lunker largemouth in stained water lakes. These will soon become a favorite for you and there is a color that will work in your local water.

Length Quantity Weight
2" 5 1/4 oz.
3" 4 7/16 oz.
4" 4 7/8 oz.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: i fish the cliffs and rocks with this for smallies!! killer bait,  ive never gotten snagged with it.  got some oregon monsters on it   5 out of 5 stars

From: Chris: Oregon

Comments: since the super yabbie is weedless, i don't have to apply my own weed guards. without the weed guards, this bait hangs-up too much.

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: Awesome bait. Smallmouth love this thing. The only craw I use unless Im skipping under docks. Very realistic looking presentation and no rigging necassary, just tie it on and cast. I like to put a little craw attractant on it to.

From: Mark: Spokane, WA

Comments: These are by far my go to bait in several different situations. I used them a lot for smallies and bed fish largemouth. One of the most realistic craw baits out there. Fishing a stream? Dead stick it and hold on!!!

From: Jordan: IL

Comments: Love this for slowly walking across the bottom of lakes.  Don't try to cast or drag into rip rap as it is likely to get snagged -- due to the way the weight makes it stand up and can easily wedge between rocks....

From: Jon: Chicago, IL

Comments: very natural looking good for pressured clear water fish, the heavier weight helps you feel the bottom as you drag it along.  smallies kill it!!!!

From: Jeff: North Jersey

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