River2sea Larry Dahlberg Clackin Crayfish

Created by legendary angler, TV host and lure designer, Larry Dahlberg, the River2Sea Clackin Crayfish not only looks like a real crayfish in every detail, it actually mimics the same motions as a crayfish as well.  Featuring a unique, hinged, hard-plastic tail section, which also functions as a diving lip as it swims through the water, the hinged design allows the tail to actually appear to grab water and pull the lure forward on the retrieve - exactly like a real crayfish. Its head and claws are composed of soft plastic for additional action, and the claws even float up in a defensive position on the pause.  So real in the water, you have to see it to believe it, the River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Clackin Crayfish is sure to get you that double-digit monster you’ve been looking for.  Available in several life-like colors, each lure is now weedless and features the River2Sea 2X Strong 5/0 Big Bite hook, as well as, an additional soft head trailer.

River2Sea Length Weight Class
Clackin Crayfish 90 3.5" 5/8oz Sinking
Clackin Crayfish 130 5" 1-oz Sinking

6 Colors

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    Model No. CLC90-06
    Blue Olive
    Size Stock Price Qty
    90 5+ $12.99
    130 5+ $15.99
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    Model No. CLC90-04
    Brown Olive
    Size Stock Price Qty
    90 03/01 $12.99
    130 5+ $15.99
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    Model No. CLC90-05
    Brown Orange
    Size Stock Price Qty
    90 03/01 $12.99
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    Model No. CLC90-03
    Brown Red
    Size Stock Price Qty
    90 5+ $12.99
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    Model No. CLC13005
    Dark Brown
    Size Stock Price Qty
    130 5+ $15.99
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    Model No. CLC90-01
    Size Stock Price Qty
    90 4 $12.99
    130 5+ $15.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bait swims awesome, you will never see anything that looks that natural, but the hinge at the tail is most definitely a week spot broke off in a 8 pound fish right beside the boat. If the tail was stronger I would have multiple of every color.


Comments: i bought 3 of these. 2 where broken in the package at the hinge point of the line tie and the main body. the third i took fishing this weekend and on the first cast i landed 3 inches out of the water on a sandy bank and it broke in the same spot as the 2 in the package. i read all of the reveiws and no one mentioned this weak point.

From: Tom: Placentia, CA 1/5/15

Comments: This may clear things up. For the people who can't get action on this bait, you need to put a snap onto the line tie. Don't tie direct. This has incredible lifelike action and its a sure big fish catcher.

From: Bryce: Canyon Lake, CA 8/11/14

Comments: as I read the reviews of this bait it made me very skeptical and I didnt want to end up wasting much money on it so I decided to buy the small one. The fist thing I noticed was the weedguards worked ALRIGHT. but when the bait sat in the water (like crawdads do just kinda sitting) it was realistic enough to land a few nice fish. i didnt have any issues with it turning over or anything like the reviews said. I like to rip mine up and let that tail thump a little and let it fall to the bottom and sit. thats how a got most of my fish. great bed bait too.

From: Josh: San Ramon, CA 3/17/14

Comments: super realistic but has no action, not buying again

From: ELk County Pa

Comments: Overall, disappointed: (1) triangular shape of weight invites snags on rocks, stones, etc. (2) not very durable: quickly lost various parts and soft plastic body tore apart at the base.

From: Chuck: loves park il

Comments: What a piece of junk. This bait is a total waste of money. It does not work at all like the video showed it working. You throw it out and no matter how you reel it or work your rod it just flip's onto its back and comes straight back in. I would love to get my money back on this thing. Stay away!!!

From: Kevin: LA

Comments: DO NOT waste your money. I've tried various retrieves on the smaller version and simply could not get this lure to swim right. The only thing this lure would be any good for is to use it like a jig. Even that is unrealistic as the lure doesn't land right side up unless you add weight. This is simply one of those fisherman catchers. I read reviews about the 130 version swimming upside down and I figured I'd give the 90 size a shot. Big mistake

From: Jake: NJ

Comments: Looks amazing but only way to get the desired swimming action I'v found that I had to reel it in unrealistically fast not sure if its because its the smaller version. It will fall on its back at times also a short reel in should turn it side up. Can't wait to give it a better shot in the spring time.

From: Zach: Brown County, IN

Comments: Well...I have read all of the comments and there are many for and against.  I think this thing is well designed, but like many of you out here, I have not found it to have the action as shown in the video.  The first time I threw it...nothing...no swimming action...nothing...just came straight back.  I tried the smaller ones and same thing...no action.  I started fishing it like a standard soft plastic or jig...ripped it off the bottom, then let it fall...then it produced some good action....so I am uncertain as to how they get the action in the video, because I certainly could not produce that.  I caught no fish on it...over all I give it a thumbs down.

From: Peter: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: This is a great product, if you find that your lure is not landing upright like it should just add a STORM Suspendots or SuspenStrips to the bottom and it will work like a charm and land upright 100% of the time. Plus the addition of the weedguard makes it a must have... it's my go to lure because not long ago I had a LMB throw up in my live fish well and low and behold there were a bunch of crayfish that came out... this tipped me off to fish with more crayfish profiles... and now I have the perfect one!!!

From: Lamar: Wake Forest, NC

Comments: Had such high hopes for this and finally got to try it out yesterday for our bass season opener and was very disappointed. half the time it just rolls upside down and when it stays right side up it doesn't have that "clacking swimming action" at all.....just dragged through the water. very dissapointed

From: Leith: Toronto, Canada

Comments: Just got this bait, was happy to see that it now COMES with a weed guard. Thought I should let everyone know since the picture doesn't show. Can't speak if they added a weight so it doesn't land upside down. Have not used yet I will add a full review later

From: Adam

Comments: i truely think this could have been an amazing lure but think they just rushed it out and said here you go surely he has to try these while he makes them as in larry. i mean it works ok but more than not it lands upside down i know add a storm dot well what about weedguard anyway on the fence with this one like it alot but man$13.00 for something that you really can't fish unless absolutely no weeds or sticks i have customized mine but just wish they would have done it for me  thanks

From: Daniel: Nashville, TN

Comments: For those who say this is too big, I agree if you don't have the fish big enough to eat it. It works if you use it correctly and have fish big enough to eat it. If not, switch to a River2Sea Standing Yabbie. They have several different sizes, just not the same action or as realistic as the Clackin' Crayfish.

From: Jordan: IL

Comments: This is my go to lure. As one guy said, you gotta know how to use it though. Scoot, crank then let fall is what I do. Action is consistent for me and as I make custom baits I put on a hard rubber weedgard I designed. Works great like that.

From: Manny

Comments: I agree with many of the comments provided, the lure was marketed well by this company, however the lure is bulky and the action is inconsistent.  Forget using in a grass lake with no weedguard.  It's no surprise the price has been reduced.    Again, looked great on film but the reality is it's not a weekend fisherman friendly lure especially when you factor in the cost.

From: Jim: Harvest, AL

Comments: my order of 4 of these just came in and I already caught 10 pike on the Olive color

From: Tyler: MI

Comments: It's a great lure if you know how a "real" crayfish acts in the water. Let it fall and scoot it quickly a few feet...then let it sit for 10 seconds. Repeat. The strikes usually come right as you start ripping it across the bottom, or when it comes to a stop. The lure sends off a lot of vibration, so make sure you feel the "thump thump thump" while ripping it across the bottom. Great action and this thing looks as real as they come.

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

Comments: I added a suspend dot to the bottom of the bait to help the bait fall correctly.  Glued a homemade weed guard between the soft and hard body parts to prevent hangups.

From: Spartanburg, SC

Comments: I had this bait pre-ordered. Glad my 10 year son likes it in his tackle  box. I could of bought some Zoom speed craws for what I wasted on these two baits.

From: Buzz: Pawleys Island

Comments: this bait is just too heavy at 1 oz. and a smaller size would be ideal. i wanted to buy this bait so badly but 5 inches is just too long. to tell the truth, 3.5 inches would be perfect. and as stated before by everyone else, this bait absolutely needs to have a weedguard, to fish it where crayfish live (in the rocks) is a death sentence for the bait as it is.

From: Scot: Tioga County, PA

Comments:  You can help the problem with the not falling the correct way with adding a STORM SUSPEND DOT.  It is just a little bit of extra weight that does wonders for the bait.  It will also not affect the action of the bait.  The down side is that you pay $13 for a bait that you immediately have to modify

From: Brad: Wynne, AR

Comments: I am very disappointed in this bait ! it does not always land upright. has a tendency to lay on its side.. to get the clacking action you have to reel at a very high speed..i dont recommend this crayfish lure . there are alot better crayfish lures for alot less money that will catch bass not fishermen...

From: Dennis: Las Vegas, NV

Comments: Fished first day out for about twenty minutes on open water with little to no cover and was hung up. Needs to be weedless. $12.99 down the drain.

From: Jason: Norfolk, VA

Comments: nah u know mine always sinks has sweet action and doesn't hang up like i thought it would. o ya, and first day out i caught a 7 pounder on it. if you want to bash at a lure at least pick one worthy of criticism. (and fyi it wasn't designed to be weedless it is a semi open water bait)

From: Felton, CA

Comments: They look good, but action is poor. They also do not always sink "hook up".

From: John: Sumner, WA

Comments: This is "THE" one and only when it comes to Crayfish imitations. It looks real, swims real and comes in true-to-life colors. River2Sea and Larry Dahlberg are putting fish on a silver platter for you; just get out and fish it along the bottom like a jig.

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

Comments: The workmanship of these lure's is great. the action is also great as is the color selection's. on the negative side, unless you fish them in a swimming pool or a completely bare bottom, they will snag-up. why larry did not put a weedguard on these lures make's me wonder? the hook placement just beg's for a hang-up. i fish them in and around rocks and avoid brush and weed 's if possible. i will not buy anymore unless the add weedguard's to them. the new diving frog's he designed have weedguard's, why not his craw's?

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

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